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things you can't do with the Variax JTV series...
by Jasonbrianmerrill on 2011-02-20 05:48:37.8860

1. palm mute with the same level of attack as a real mag p/u guitar

2. play acoustic models hard (neil young style, etc)

-- apparently the reasoning is that since variax is an emulation, you have to change up your playing style a bit in order to get the proper tone in these situations. I actually have found nothing to solve the first one.While this doesn't apply to their ampsims, apparently it does to something like an instrument. I can accept that if that is really the reasoning. However, people should know about it

There will be more of these to come, more things to show the difference between a real guitar and a variax, in case anyone is wondering.

why am i doing this?

I love line 6's products I have the hd500, and the variax JTV-69.  I have owned a variax 600, and a variax 300 previously, as well as a pod XT, and a pod X3 live. I hope that, instead of marketing videos, we can see some of the BAD sounds as well, for line 6 to work on them. This might be wishful thinking, probably coming from the reaper community where bugs and ideas are worked out as a community (some criticizm of line 6 is that they don't listen to their users... I believe that to be untrue, at least in the case of palm muting, which they did address, to an extent).

However, I hope it helps some users to make their decisions. 

Re: things you can't do with the Variax JTV series...
by Jasonbrianmerrill on 2011-02-20 07:59:17.0810

content updated...

it appears that acoustic models come through FAR better by using the included VDI cable through a line6 interface such as the pod HD500, the above thread was updated with new demos using this recording method.

Palm muting thread updated as well.

VDI thread here:

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