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Why are Line 6 management so quiet at the moment
by spiderjohn on 2011-02-20 13:20:31.9930

Hi Guys

As a long time user Of Line 6 equipment and my only gigging guitar now is my 700 variax electric, I have been watching this situation very carefully.

The sad thing is......why all the mystery.When you're going shout from the heavens about a product you need to be prepared to stand up and be counted......a little bit of good communication would be a start.

The quiet rolling of tumbleweed worries me.I seem to have been enquiring about the JTV 69 (korean) for ever in the UK now and even the guys in stores seem to be a bit bewildered.....not good.

I was shocked to see the price hike from around £859 up to £1,000+.....that's me out now............when they have been around as long as Gibson, Fender etc and got a pedigree, then the money

will reflect the product.I don't go for the hype that you're paying for tech.........go to ebay and check the Blu Ray player prices...........some great bargains.

I love my 700 and people are gobsmacked when they find I'm playing a modeling guitar through a Mesa Boogie Roadster. Hope everything does work out find because the innovation is great.....but hey,,,you've got to speak to people.

P.S.  Hey Line 6, any chance you could respond to my e-mail from 6 weeks ago...I only got your acknowledgement.

Spider John

Re: Why are Line 6 management so quiet at the moment
by MartinHines on 2011-02-20 14:56:03.0060

Read through some of the discussion threads to find out what is happening.  In summary:

-- Last summer, both Line 6 and James Tyler did not like the quality of the first pre-production prototypes.  Line 6 made some changes to part suppliers, and the higher quality parts have now been reflected in the price.

-- The first batch of a "few hundred" JTVs shipped in the U.S. one month ago, the second batch is starting to ship currently

-- The first batch of JTVs shipped to Europe are undergoing their final setup.  This process started a week ago.

-- There was a problem discovered with some of the JTV-59s in the first U.S. batch -- a faulty 3-way selector switch.  Line 6 redesigned the part so all new JTVs (including the first European batch) have the new 3-way switch

-- There is a significant backlog of pre-orders that have not yet been filled.  Some delivery dates have now been pushed out a few months

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