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Boosting Clean Tones
by maktub2 on 2011-02-21 03:38:24.4530


I would like to know which could be the most effective way in order to boost a clean sound without affecting the tone.

Re: Boosting Clean Tones
by mark2711 on 2011-02-21 04:21:00.0420

Use one of the compresser models (vetta juice?) and set the sensitivity to either 100% or 0%. I'm sorry can't remember which is no compression (the setting you want) and which is lots.

Any way, if you do this you you can use the level control to give you a boost without affecting your original tone. Hope that helps.

Re: Boosting Clean Tones
by matt34500 on 2011-02-21 06:49:44.4040

Try to boost Eq with Equalizer

Re: Boosting Clean Tones
by gtrman100 on 2011-02-21 07:21:42.9230

I use the Tube Comp set at 100% sensitivity, then use the gain control to adjust volume. Adds a nice warm sheen to the tone too.

Re: Boosting Clean Tones
by maktub2 on 2011-02-21 07:40:06.5100

Which EQ should I use? And should I use it flat?

Re: Boosting Clean Tones
by matt34500 on 2011-02-21 07:49:39.6490

I USE pARAMETRIC, it's easy, you boost treble ans bass, you scoop a little the mids

Re: Boosting Clean TonesSorry about the qu
by maktub2 on 2011-02-21 08:19:53.2560

Sorry about the question, but I have to do it. What do you mean when you say "scoop"?

Re: Boosting Clean TonesSorry about the qu
by wolbai on 2011-02-21 09:18:02.8330

You initially ask for an uncolored boost of a clean tone for soloing.

There are some FX-tools in the POD HD where you just can add GAIN - without coloring your tone - in your signal chain. You can "missuse" these FXs for your specific purpose.

E.g. you can use EQs which - I think - all of them have a gain parameter. But you should not change specific frequencies because this would color your tone (and thats what you don't want as far as I understand). To "scope" in that context just means: changing a "specific frequency" in your tone e.g. -6db above 80 HZ.

Some guitar player "scope" specific mid-frequencies which help them to cut through the overal band sound with their solos.

You also can use - as already mentioned - the Tube comp to boost solos (or other compressors) - not only for clean ones. In the same way as the EQ: don't compress your tone by setting the Tresh-parameter < 100% (set it to 100%), because this would cause a compression (and again: this colors your tone what you are trying to avoid). The Level-parameter will add the necessary gain. I am setting this parameter somewhere between 20 - 30% which gives, I think 4-6 db of additional gain. Just experiment what works for you on that parameter.

If you do not want to color your tone, set the Tube comp at the very end of your signal chain (at least post amp). In front of the amp while color your tone definitely. But this is not bad in general - just not what you are trying to achieve.

Hope that helps - good look!

Re: Boosting Clean TonesSorry about the qu
by maktub2 on 2011-02-21 09:42:47.2050

Thank you very much for your answer wolbai, it will help me a lot. Now I've got the next questions:

- Using EQ for boosting: In order to not to color my tone, should it go PRE or POST AMP ?

- Which specific mid-frequencies should I "scope" in order to help me to cut through the overal band sound?

Thank you again for your help!

Re: Boosting Clean TonesSorry about the qu
by wolbai on 2011-02-21 10:26:50.5160


first of all: thank you that I could have helped you. But your additional questions tell me - I haven't made me clear enough to help you.

Both things you want to do:

1. boosting clean tones (for soloing ???) and NOT coloring your tone

2. using the EQ-tools to add gain AND to change specific frequencies to cut through

can NOT achieved together, because they exclude each other

In your specific case, I would suggest to you that you just add gain in the first step (I would recommend the Tube comp at the end of the signal chain).

If this does NOT bring you the point you like to go (initially: adding gain to a clean tone without coloring the tone) you should then go for the second step by experimenting with additional frequency-adaption using an EQ-Tool in the POD HD. Try to find some related threads on that. I think there are some out there.

Some ideas to the - may be needed - second step which could give you an idea how to proceed and what it means:

- There are NO specific frequencies that you should cut or push in general! It all depends on your SPECIFIC HD-patch.

- There are, of course, some frequencies in the guitar frequency bandwith which should be focused on, e.g.:

   - cut frequencies around 200-250 Hz if you feel some muddy in your crunch rhytm tone,

   - cut frequencies under 80 Hz if bass is to much booming,

   - raise frequencies around 2.2 kHz -3.1KHz to to get more attack and more presence.

But: these are all just examples and need to be adapted to your speficic HD-patch sound. If you feel the need to really adjust specific frequencies, I would suggest to

you just to experiment with specific frequencies. This will help you to develop your ear too. You can google and you will find some tips what specific guitar frequencies are responsible for the overall guitar sound. But as I said: these are just starting points and not necessarily the solution you try to achieve. You need to try and error on that and build up your own learning curve.

May be someone else can give you more hints, but thats what I can do forl you ... make your own "ear-experiences", there are not many general rules in that specific case ou there as far as I can see. At least: thats my subjective opinion.

Good luck and rock on!

Re: Boosting Clean TonesSorry about the qu
by wolbai on 2011-02-21 10:40:31.2900


I have forgotten 1 thing:

always set your "boosting-solution" post amp if you don't want to color your tone. Ideally at the very end of the chain.

But: try to experiment with e.g. the Tube comp to place it first pre amp and second post amp and listen! If you place it pre amp you will for example realize - especially - with a high gain amp that the amount of distortion in your tone will increase by placing the Tube comp in front of the amp because the tube amp section of your amp will be hidden on a higher volume level.

Hope that helps...

Re: Boosting Clean TonesSorry about the qu
by maktub2 on 2011-02-21 13:21:02.0840

Thank you again for your answers wolbai. I am going to experiment with all your advices. Now I understand how to boost clean tones for soloing and not coloring my tones.

Your advices about EQing were very helpfull too. I have some concerns about this issue but as you just said, it's a matter of experimentation. Maybe I'll find your thoughs in a later thread.

Thank you.

Re: Boosting Clean TonesSorry about the qu
by spaceatl on 2011-02-21 13:41:05.1970

BTW - You can also get a clean buffered boost by taking two short 1/4 inch cables and jumping the FX Loop send returns. Set the FX Loop mix to 100% and use the Send Level to set the level.

This approach can be used with any type of tone since you can program extactly where the loop would appear in the chain on any given preset.

If you want to drive the amp harder you can place the loop right in front of the amp model...I actually prefer this with something like an AC-30 because the tend to compress a lot anyway...

For higher gain tones where I really don't want to change how the amp is being driven, I can put on the end of the loop and boost the entire tone...I also have seom where I put it in front of the last delay in the chain where boosting there has the effect off adding slightly more delay along with a clean boost...

Basically, this is a clean buffer with no eq...if you aren't using it, well it's there...

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