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Live settings for POD HD.
by erkinyanyali on 2011-02-21 12:23:13.3650

Hi there; i want to know that "how focus freq. and high-low adjustment works for live settings in front of an amplifier". How shall I use it correctly.

Thank you

Re: Live settings for POD HD.
by daveschutt on 2011-02-22 12:48:02.7810


I asked a similar question on one of my threads and I saw you followed up on it but I didn't really get an answer per se.  I did find some additional information in downloading the documentation for the Model Gallery, it gives a more detailed description of the EQ's available in the HD500.  I also followed the advice to audition different mics and cabinets before going to the EQ to shape the tone which is what I ultimately did but I see you are going to go to an amp and was going direct to FOH.  Did you experiement with the PRE vs Full Models of the Amps? I found they sound very different from each other as well.

Re: Live settings for POD HD.
by erkinyanyali on 2011-02-22 23:49:59.6870

Thanx for your answer.

You're right. Full amp. models different from pre models. Pre model's output lower than full models. Pre models option prevents unnecessary gain and tonal shape if you use already power amp on your live setup. I've been using POD XT several years with "in front of amp" settings. And i didn't upgrade POD XT's firmware, because new firmware's has FOCUS MID EQ settings in output options. I really didn't like this.

Pod HD 500's focus mid freq. setting much much better than older versions, but i need some tweaks about that. I'm using Marshall Combo amp. with POD HD 500. Sound is good but there is some different response  from guitar when i select neck pick-up.(Sound is not presence if i touch softly). I'm still trying to solve this.

It is perfecet when i use studio/direct out  and i want to same feeling on the stage.

Re: Live settings for POD HD.
by erkinyanyali on 2011-02-24 05:55:50.8630


I found some solutions about Mid Focus EQ adjustment. I set Mid focus EQ 100 Hz., hi = flat low =flat. and i get almost flat response from my guitar amplifier. I'll keep trying...

Re: Live settings for POD HD.
by Gandalf5150 on 2011-11-24 15:26:22.3070

Just a thought. I read on TGP that the Mid Focus EQ is actually excellent when used as a high/low pass filter for takin the exagerated bottom end out of the 4x12 cab sims. Set the gain to zero, the high pass frequency all the way left and the lowpass frequency all the way right. Put the EQ block after your amp sim.

That advice was given on TGP anyway. Gonna give it a whirl for my giggs this weekend.

Re: Live settings for POD HD.
by capthellman on 2011-12-07 07:53:14.5430

It does work well IMO. I slide the hipass freq to where it sounds tight and full to me (around 20% usually--would love to know what freq this translates to).

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