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Pod xt Live freezing
by Raindrop on 2011-02-22 09:43:57.7120

Hi, this is a query to see if any one else has had this problem and if so:

Is there a: a solution

            b: some way of fixing it?

I am currently running a variax 700 bass through my pod xt live pedal. However if I leave the bass plugged in (via the variax cable) my pedal freezes. (This also occurs when left in and the pedal is switched on)Something that since I aquired the pedal it has never done.

This has happened live where the only solution is to unplug the bass and turn off the pedal. (None of the foot switches or menu buttons are useable once frozen)

I have used the line6 cable and a van damme cable and it happens with both. The firmware is new on both my pedal and the variax bass.

Anybody have an idea or a solution? As I really enjoy using this bass live but if this situation continues its not going to be the case.


Re: Pod xt Live freezing
by JellyWheat on 2011-02-24 06:59:20.5950

The following is pure deductive reasoning on my part:

It seems to me that the only part of your signal path that could change spontaneously are the VDI connectors, since the bass and the POD do work, albeit intermittently. There is some play in them in the VDI connections, in their normal state, which allows the ethernet connector to move back and forth in the female receptacle. The female receptacle in the XTLive is unlikely to be the culprit, as it is subjected to little strain from the cord.

However, after hundreds of times of putting the bass down between sets, etc., with the VDI plugged in, you may have "squashed" or misaligned some of the connecting pins in the VDI receptacle onboard the bass to the point that one or more is making intermittent contact, thus interrupting the flow of data required for the XTLive to operate correctly.

This intermittent contact could drive your XTLive crazy, forcing you to reboot... until the next interruption of the signal on one or more pins.

I suggest you check this, and use a J-hook fashioned from the wire inside a twist tie to pull any of the little gold-plated connectors that may have become displaced carefully back into position. Please try this and let us know how you make out.

Good luck,


Re: Pod xt Live freezing
by Raindrop on 2011-07-21 13:47:17.0630

Hi JellyWheat,

thanks for that. I apologise for the delay in answering been a little busy here.

Yes I can confirm it is the connections. It happened yet again on stage....I put the bass down still plugged in and at the end of the set picked it up and bam....there goes the pedal. Unfortunately I don't think this will be fixed with just straightening the pins, as you say the wear on the connection is great and playing in a rock band and moving as much as I do does not help. So I won't be using the variax on stage again because it is just not stable enough. I need equipment that just works, all the time; not sometimes.

If and when Line6 come up with a better and more rugged connection and design, Im there! Untill then.....

Thanks for the help dude, much appreciated!



Re: Pod xt Live freezing
by JellyWheat on 2011-07-21 14:09:35.4440

You are very welcome. I like to help... it makes up for some of my youthful indiscretions! LOL!

FWIW : I, too, am waiting for a Variax with a 13-pin connector and outboard "guts" that you can purchase new boards for when improvements come along. The models themselves are impressive. I feel comfortable saying that, because I do own or have owned almost all of the modeled guitars!

Thank you for the feedback, and for the pernts!



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