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spider jam or spider iv ?
by stehesk on 2011-02-22 16:42:20.5790

Hi, im looking to buy a new amp and not sure which one to go for and have a few questions

i notice there is not a spider 4 jam, but the jam is listed as a current product, therefore can the spider iv edit be used with the jam amp?

I like hendrix and note in the spider 4 there are a few hendrix songs in there how do these work are they complete songs with the guitar off? are these songs in the jam, if not can they be loaded to the jam?

Does the spider 4 inform u what key the songs are in like the jam?

i like the long record function of the jam, with the software capabilities of the iv can u record direct to your computer and play back through ur amp ie could i record the rythm of a song and practice lead over it?

is there a spider iv jam due out as i believe the jam is the spider iii with the line 6 LM loop pedal onboard is this what the jam actually is, and would it be worth waiting for the spider jam iv?

Sorry for all the questions but i want to purchase the correct amp for me which would be hendrix type sounds and songs to play over possibly recording rythm and layering on lead bass drums etc

Re: spider jam or spider iv ?
by Buy-a-Fender on 2011-02-22 17:19:26.1030

The Spider IV does not have any backing tracks or drum tracks. It has 14 second sound-on-sound looping.

It only has lots of amp models and effects models but no backing tracks.

The computer interface for the Spider IV is for editing effect and presets.

When you say the Spider IV has 'hendrix songs' I think you are refering to hendrix tones since there are no songs in the Spider IV.

The Spider Jam has built in backing tracks (good quality tracks - not MIDI) and built in drum tracks. The Spider Jam has built in looping/recording with up to 24 minutes of recording time (i think there is maybe 30 minutes if you delete the demo song from memory). The Spider Jam does not interface with a computer in any way unless you want to use the RCA line outputs to run the line level signal into the input of a computer sound card. The Spider Jam will allow you to save your recording to an SD card as WAV files that you can transfer to yoru computer.

Your question about a new version of the Spider Jam has been asked many many times. So far there is no indication from LINE 6 that there will be a new Spider Jam model.

You can study the differences in detail here

The Spider IV is an amp that is designed for performing with while the Spider Jam is aimed more at practicing.

Re: spider jam or spider iv ?
by Buy-a-Fender on 2011-02-22 17:20:44.3230

here si a comparison chart

Re: spider jam or spider iv ?
by stehesk on 2011-02-23 03:22:09.2330

Thanks for the reply, ive read the links u provided,

Could u answere the following question - Is the jam a spider 3 with a jm4 looper on board, and therefore still ok to gig as well as practice, and can it do everything the spider 3 can and more or am i missing something?

Thanks in advance.

RE: spider jam or spider iv ?
by Line6david on 2011-02-24 10:44:02.1250


The Spider jam is a Spider III with a JM4 looper built in. The amp models and FX of the spider III are all there as well as the songs, presets, and looping abilities of the JM4.



Line 6 Customer Support

Re: spider jam or spider iv ?
by gearjunky55 on 2011-09-24 13:05:55.5490

Actually, the Spider IV 75 and up all have around 500 presets/backing tracks but no drum

loops. Bummer.

So it has a lot more amp models than the Jam (which I have), about three times as many

presets, and you can still record for 15 seconds compared to 24 minuets on the Jam.

So if your just interested in playing along with backing tracks then the Spider IV is your amp at $100.00

less then the Jam.

If you have to have the drum loops (I do) and are into (or will be into) longer recorded dubbing tracks, then the

Jam is the way to go.

Also the Jam has the tweeter which is a big plus to round out the sound and begs the question:

Why don't more amp manufacturers install a tweeter in their cabs?

Finally, you would think with 500 presets in the Spider IV's, that Line 6 could muster up a few drum loops!

If these are added in the future, I will be buying a 120.

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