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Change Effects on the Fly in X3 Live
by tommymchristian on 2011-02-23 19:18:45.6160

               OK, I saw the reply on my last post about double stomping a button to activate the edit portion of the effect.  Can you explain why the first effects I set up are available any time on any model when I select them.  Why can't I create other effects and just button through each one of them until I get to the one I want.  Kinda like cyclying through all the options and returning to the front.  I need to be able to get more effects out of my X3 live but cannot figure out how.  My only other option if this doesn't work is to move to just an effects pedal.  It ticks me off because when i ask everyone at music stores for suggestions, they alway recomend Line 6 products, like what I already have.  On another note, If I just want to use the effects portion of X3 live, then how do I bypass the amp models without changing the sound overall of my amp.



Re: Change Effects on the Fly in X3 Live
by timowens on 2011-02-23 21:34:32.4030

This is a limitation of every modeler I've ever used, you can only program a certain set of effects in each preset, it's just the way it is. Have you thought about simply creating a preset for each set of effects you want to use?

Re: Change Effects on the Fly in X3 Live
by shockwave199 on 2011-02-23 23:15:45.6240

You may be happier with an HD500, for starters. It's not unlimited, but it's more flexible with how and how many effects and stomps can be programmed into a patch. Multiple effects combinations can be done more easily. Investigate that unit and see if it better fits your needs.

Far as the X3L, I'm not really sure what you want to do. 'On the fly' pertaining to what? While jamming just flipping through effects? Or the process of storing effects to buttons within patches? Just flipping through effects can be done with the foot, if you program user banks before hand to organize the whole thing. Start at user banks and load up each of the four patches in a bank with any stomp, mod, and delay you want. Do that for every user bank and load the patches up, organized the way you prefer. Custom name every patch too, to help organize it even more. Once you're done, it's just a matter of banking up/down with your foot to get to all your custom patches.

What I think you may be referring to though is how do you get more out of a bank. For instance, you go to a user bank and program a stomp, mod, delay, and that's it for patch A in that bank. BUT, in that patch though, you can also program tone 2 to have another three. So within patch A, you can easily get to another whole set of stomps, mods, and delays by just switching on tone 2. Between tone 1 & 2, you have just doubled your possibilities within one patch. Do the same for patch B, C, and D, and you'll have a LOT of choices within one bank. That's one of the benefits of not combining tones for live work- it doubles the possibilities in each patch. True, you are limited to what you can have going at the same time for a multiple effects setup because of the nature of the X3L- having to stick with stomp, mod, and delay. That's where the HD500 comes in- much more flexible to program. But with the X3L, it's all what you program to each patch in a bank. It's all about programming. There's a lot there under your toes for live work. You can also program tweak settings to the foot pedal and get some wild effects going. And of course, you have your comp/boost button to pop in that nice LA2A type compressor to use for solo boosts. Not sure how much more anyone needs for live work.

You can build up an arsenal of effects pedals and that's great too, provided you have a ton of cash to do it, and you're willing to have a massive floorboard on stage too. I work with a second guitar player in our band sometimes and he lugs in a huge floorboard chock full of nice effects that cost him a fortune. Nothing wrong with that- it sounds great. But at my feet is an X3L and guess what? I'm able to do just as much as he can with a fraction of the footprint on stage- at a fraction of the cost, and it sounds just as awesome, really. Honestly, how many effects does a guitarist need at any given time, in the real world on stage? As long as you program what you need in a way that will get you to all of it quickly in your sets, you're golden.

You can disable amps and cabs. Look at the manual or just work through the pod- it's not hard. I suggest you use gearbox. It makes programming SO much easier, and a whole lot more fun too. Good luck.


Re: Change Effects on the Fly in X3 Live
by marcos_134 on 2011-02-24 01:01:21.9100

Else, you could use the Gearbox. I'm sure there is no such restriction on the gear box. you get to see all amps, cabs and other units all the time.

I'm sure you can create any tone you want with any combination.

Re: Change Effects on the Fly in X3 Live
by dylantan on 2011-02-24 05:56:03.4520

+1 for Shockwave199.

I would go use the 32 Banks with A, B, C & D Patches in each bank and cycle forever! That's what I have been doing - 1 bank for each song with 3/4 patches to handle Verse, Chorus, Bridge, etc.

Re: Change Effects on the Fly in X3 Live
by tommymchristian on 2011-03-01 20:29:17.3440

I just had to reply once again. I finally got time to work on tone and use the ideas you gave me about using tone two for more effects. I copied tone one to tone two and then changed the effects up. I was then able to go from tone one to tone two keeping the same amp model but taking the available effects up to 6.  I had to make changes to the out put area and still think there are opportunities to do better there.

Overall I love what it gave me.  All those effects through just one amp model.  I'm loving the X3 now.  Can't wait to spend more time on it.

Thanks for the feedback and ideas to everyone who replied.


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