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thank you, line 6 staff!
by Jasonbrianmerrill on 2011-02-24 04:01:02.2600

It doesn't make sense for me to thank line 6 for creating a product that I paid for. They did a lot of hard work, and they recieved my money for it. My money is my "thank you," as well as my continued support and constant word-spreading of the Vax and POD.


who does deserve a thank you, imo, is the line6 employees. The recent responses to my posts were thoughtful, substantial, and show proof of a company that cares about the opinions of its customers they ALREADY HAVE MONEY from.

thanks guys - especially for not tearing my head off for my critiques. Real pros, who can take criticism of their "baby" they've worked on so hard. I think we should all take a lesson from that attitude.

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