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HD 500 + DT50 bug saving presets
by valdjiu on 2011-02-24 16:04:53.1720

hello line 6 comunity,

hope you are all well...

so i have:

- two combos 2*12 dt50

- 1 HD 500

- macbook pro with snowleopard 10.6.6

- all new versions ( firmware and drivers ) for dt 50 and hd 500, as line monkey keeps them update ( great monkey!)

what is happening is when i open edit software, also the new version, i make a sound in stereo, one amp goes to left, the other goes to right,

then i save it to my mac and save it to hd 500.

from this point the sound desapears and i need to exit the edit software, and in the hd 500 i need to move the sound level up and down until i have sound again.

the i save it and the problem is solved.  its  a waste of energy and takes me out of focus..

also , i wish to undertstand :

- in the edit software, when i am assigning the L6 link amp 1 audio left and control channel A , why is it that in the amp 2 audio right the control channel must be the B and not the A???? i have 2 different amps and wish to control independently both of them..

this way in the amps menu i cant save and select the class topology etc of my second amp.

thank you


RE: HD 500 + DT50 bug saving presets
by ricksox on 2011-03-10 15:19:51.8300


I tried reproducing what you are experiencing here and I could not.

I set up a stereo L6 LINK rig with my HD500 (1.20 firmware) and two DT50 (1.20 firmware).

In POD HD Edit I set up a stereo dual tone patch. I set Amp A to Left and Amp B to channel right, saved my patch to the computer and then synced to my POD and continued to get sound. No drop outs at all.

If I'm doing something differently please let me know.

Also, you never mentioned if you tried reinstalling the firmware in your POD or DT50's. Have you tried that?


Re: RE: HD 500 + DT50 bug saving presets
by valdjiu on 2011-03-11 03:06:13.1970

Dear Miller,

I want to tahnk you for trying to suport me on this.

i thonk its a bug, becuase it has just happen in 2 presets that still are there and have no sound.

i have updated both firmware on pod and amp.

the amp sound great , but it  is still a challange to see how to work with so many optins.

it is a bit confusing to me.

also it still as a horrible noise when changin presets. I play in big fstival for thousands of ppl,

and i believe that this is a probleme on huge sound systems.

thank you from portugal..


RE: HD 500 + DT50 bug saving presets
by Line6Hugo on 2011-03-11 08:38:57.1400


As Line6Miller mentioned, he was unable to reproduce the problem. Is there any further detail you can provide us to reproduce the problem such as which presets? IF these are custom presets you created, please post them with your reply for us to test with specific instructions. If we cannot reproduce the problem, we cannot log a bug.

Also, what kind of noises are you experiencing when using the DT50? I know there is a noise when going from Class A to Class A/B which is naturally inherent in the design. This is expected behavior that you would need to keep in mind when using it live.



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