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HD 750 question with lights
by geoffthompson on 2011-03-02 22:08:02.0280

Hi guys!

Well the good news was I was able to get a HD 750 from my local supplier still! phew!

I got the 4x10 as well for a complete Line 6 pkg.  Of course I set it all up last night, but forgot the spekon cable! doh!  So I went out tonight to get it.

I played around a bit with it, but I found right away that the little yellow light on the ROCK tone is out.  Is that something that has happened to anyone else before? First day outta the box and already something has gone wrong with it.  If anyone has had this before, is this just the bulb or is it a sign of something more serious to come?

I have had issues with other products where lights go and then the whole car blows up (yep.. Dodge Aries went up in flames shortly after my dash lights went out. Yay Chrysler!)

So I thought I would ask you guys if anyone else has experienced it. I guess I will have to take it back to the store next week.  I would hate to be playing on stage and not know tone I am in, especially considering some other light may go out too!



Re: HD 750 question with lights
by geoffthompson on 2011-03-04 06:56:08.6440

hey guys,

I guess no one else had had this issue. So last night I took it back to the store to have Service done as I am sure it is a minor thing that is wrong.

But I got the extended warranty just in case! lol

Re: HD 750 question with lights
by kingkeld on 2012-07-31 02:01:32.0970

I had this issue when I got my HD750. Several lights were out, but strangely they seemed to be "taking turns" not working!

I was communicating with the vendor to do a return when the issue suddenly - after a day or two - fixed itself. I haven't been able to reproduce it over the last two months (the time I have owned the amp).

I consider it still a mystery, but also a problem solved.

Re: HD 750 question with lights
by javi_bassist on 2012-09-05 03:14:34.3450

I had the same problem the other day. The ROCK light was out (just that one) and I was worried. But the following day it was working again and everything is working properly now. I think it's not a big issue, you shouldn't worry (besides you said you have the warranty, so it's fine)

Enjoy your amp

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