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HD500 Worship Tones wanted :-) ?
by daveschutt on 2011-03-03 17:40:11.8290


I know there a lot of you out there that have used XT, X3's and like me have probably moved up to the 500 for playing in worship bands through out the world.  You're also probably like me trying to create a lot these common tones or song specific tones now.  So please let's share some. If you have a set list, bundle or individual patches please post them on this thread.  I know Customtone is designed specifically for sharing tones but there haven't been too many posted there yet.

Re: HD500 Worship Tones wanted :-) ?
by matisq on 2011-03-04 00:42:17.2000

daveschutt wrote:

I know there a lot of you out there that have used XT, X3's and like me have probably moved up to the 500 for playing in worship bands through out the world.

I'm not so sure about this. In Poland we don't have such things like "worship bands". I this this "worship bands" belongs to your country mostly (I assume it's USA).

Here in Europe bands play for another guy  -> look Behemoth

Re: HD500 Worship Tones wanted :-) ?
by greghall on 2011-03-04 01:41:34.7400

It's obviously not your thing, but there are lots of worship bands in Europe and Poland ....

Re: HD500 Worship Tones wanted :-) ?
by matisq on 2011-03-04 02:15:02.9920

And you play in a churches?

Where? I'm catholic my whole live (31 years) and never saw any single "real" band which plays music in any church like they do in USA.

Re: HD500 Worship Tones wanted :-) ?
by daveschutt on 2011-03-04 18:55:00.3050

Hi Mastiq-

I would say praise and worship bands are actually one of the largest growing genre's of music out there because the music is becoming much more mainstream.  In the last 10 years the songwriting and musicianship has improved immensely.  I took my kids to a Christian music festival and there was a band there called Red which I had never heard of.  They came out and you'd think you were at a Slayer concert.  Shaved heads, head banging, mosh pit, pyrotechnics the works.  My family hated them but heck one of my favorite bands of all time is Pantera so I was loving it.  If you've never seen a worship band in church go to my churches site and click the watch link.  We stream our services, the one that is up now I'm playing in.  White Strat and I'm using my HD500 that night for the first time at the venue.  The opening riff of the first song I'm using a crunch patch with a voicebox, it sounded pretty cool!

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Re: My set list so far
by lindsayward on 2011-03-04 22:53:11.0830

matisq, you should get along to a church with a good band. I'm sure you'd like it.

Dave, I checked out your video - sounds good (nice harmony bit the Everlasting God solo)!

I'll attach my church songs set list so far. It's a work in progress - every week I just make up a tone that suits the songs we have on that day. The names of some might be familiar, perhaps it will help someone or you could give me suggestions for improvement. I'm not usually trying to 'nail' the recording tone but get something I like for that song.

I go XLR out to the desk in mono so nothing is panned in stereo.

I've been trying to set each patch so that FS1 is a drive boost (Color Drive mostly), FS4 is a volume boost through a Studio EQ with the gain up 5db (seemed the best way to do it - I used to use the COMP with the X3L). FS2 is often a Mod or something and FS3 is for a solo effect if I have one for that song or delay if there's no solo.

I'm also trying a few with the pedal controlling the drive, which also pulls the volume down a bit when the drive goes up so it doesn't get too much louder.

Still looking and experimenting to find what I like best.

Let me know if you have any comments, and I look forward to finding other people's set lists here later.

Lindsay (guitarist and Music Director at Northreach Baptist Church, Townsville, Australia)

Re: My set list so far
by daveschutt on 2011-03-07 14:09:01.9880

Thanks so much Lindsay.  That is a great place to start.  I'm finally going to have some time in the next 3 days to dig in and work on the HD.  Could you elaborate on the part where you said this, "I'm also trying a few with the pedal controlling the drive, which also  pulls the volume down a bit when the drive goes up so it doesn't get too  much louder." and you could you tell me one of the patches on your setlist where this is the case?

It's a funny story how that harmonized solo came to fruition.  Usually from our pool of musicians we have "rhythm" guitarists and "lead" guitarists and 1 get's scheduled from each group.  Well that week we were both "lead" guitarists and so I know we both wanted that solo, it was sort of the elephant in the room but neither of us wanted to just take it.  So fortunately the other guy came up with the idea splitting it up into 4 parts.  I thought the harmony at the end sounded cool too and no one's feet got stepped on. As it would be the service they posted for the web was probably the worst of the 3 we played at, LOL!

Re: My set list so far
by jesuscares on 2011-03-08 07:48:27.7570

Great thread guys but where is the HD tone bundle.I could use them in chuch concerts too.Wroship music is rocking the whole world,Poland,USA & even places like India.Been there done that!

Has Lincoln got the HD 500? Hope he does & hope we get his bundle.

Re: My set list so far
by daveschutt on 2011-03-08 08:58:01.7300


Lindsay posted a set list a few post above.  That should get you started.  I plan on posting a few things tonight.  Looking on other threads, LB is using the HD500 even though he recorded his last album using the Fractal AxeFx he feels it's a bit too expensive and cumbersome to take out on the road.  Here's some good information from Lincoln Brewster via a fellow Line6 user that attended his seminar in Dayton, OH  As of now he hasn't posted any new HD500 patches to his website but hopefully he will sometime soon.  It also looks like the he's using it a bit differently and similarly to what I've been trying to do and that is 1 patch but using the f1~f8 buttons to click on and off effects like a regular pedal board as opposed to setting up several individual patches.

Re: My set list so far
by jesuscares on 2011-03-08 14:54:01.2740

Thanks for the link.That must have been one great interview I missed.

Re: Worship Tones
by daveschutt on 2011-03-08 21:53:15.7340

Here's my attempt at putting  together a Lincoln Brewster tone based on the information from  fstaunton's post.  I set it up to take advantage of the f1-f8 foot  switch configuration.  This puts the boost at f8 plus the delays on the  lower f5-f7 switches.  I also put in an EQ so you can tweak the tone to  your venue with out having to change the amp settings.  I play an EJ  Strat mostly and that has the tone controls wired similarly to what LB  has on his Strats so I find the the tone sounds good with the bridge  tone control rolled off to about 8.  I built it using Sennheiser 280HD  headphones so there may need to be some adjustments for what it may  sound like live.  I also put a wah on it because I use them often.

Let me know what you think and please repost it if you make some improvements!

UPDATE:  I realized that the f1-f8 layout described above didn't get saved to my patch.  I fixed that, and also created a clean and dirty patch.  I had the opportunity to have the FOH system at our church all to myself on Thursday so I brought in my guitar and HD and sat back at the board and tweaked the patches using the full PA versus headphones.  It was fun and loud!  I still have both patches with Wahs/Volumes.  F8 has boosts and on the clean patch f7 is a Screamer incase you need a little dirt and don't want to change patches.  There's also a delay with a chimey U2'ish setting on both patches.

Dual Tone Added: This tone is similar to the dirty tone but I split the signal and blended a dry clean signal with no amp model with the P-75.  I think it adds nice clarity to the tone.  Let me know what you think!

Re: My set list so far
by daveschutt on 2011-03-09 20:20:54.4140


I noticed that you had Variax Custom-3 progammed into many of your patches. Could you post your tone for the Variax so I could give it a listen just as you have it programmed?

Re: My set list so far
by lindsayward on 2011-03-10 00:11:00.8810

I hadn't checked the forums for a while, sorry for the delay.

You can set any of the amp controls to be controlled by the foot pedal, so I have the DRIVE set to EXP-1, with the minimum at 29% and max at 69% (whatever, but it goes up when you rock the pedal up).

I find that this makes the tone too loud, so you can control the CH VOL with EXP-1 as well, but set the minimum to a value higher than the maximum (min 56%, max 46% on my patch). That way when you rock the pedal up the drive goes up, but the volume goes down. The actual values are just from experimenting.

You could do this with anything as far as I can tell - e.g. have the pedal make the drive go up, volume go down, delay mix go up, EQ frequency go down... etc. all at the same time. That sounds like fun

E.g. patch "The Greatness of" - (should be) patch 4D in my set list.

I use HD280 headphones at home too. Nice, but I find mostly my patches come out brighter in the venue because the headphones aren't as bright. So I now try and make patches sound a bit dull at home.

Thanks for the new Lincoln Brewster info. I'll look into that.

Re: HD500 Worship Tones wanted :-) ?
by scotchtape800 on 2011-03-24 08:31:28.7660

This may or not be helpful considering OP.

I might get around to posting some later but still tweaking them, waiting for that update!

Jesus Culture: (Bridge Humbucker)

Noise Gate

Studio EQ - knock down bass, mids +1db, 1.1Khz, cut, 2Khz, left alone

Screamer - bass cut, mid boost, treble, cut.  Drive 3 oclock, Output 2oclock?

Tube compressor, (output between 0% and 20%)

AC30, gain 25-35%, bass: 3oclock, mids: 9clock, treb, pres, 0

Reverb: Cave, but at low settings to taste

Comment: Noise gate and EQ self explanatory, Screamer to add slight boost and distortion (not much though), Tube compressor to even playing out and boost levels slightly, low gain on AC30 because of weird L6 issues with gain.

Hillsong Lead (like Time Has Come)

Pretty much the same

But with Digital Delay right before or after AC30 and if you boost the gain on AC30 and increase compressor output, you can drop the screamer.

I think they use a neck pup though.

Not sure what settings they're using but sounds like a humbucker?

I have an HSS strat so I just use bridge.

So far I can't really nail this one down, think I'm using too much distortion.

Other stuff you can use are ambient like swells.

For example, use the JC settings above, but drop screamer and add auto volume (for swell), and after amp split into two signals and have particle verb on left channel (or octoverb), also add two delays in the chain.

Have fun experimenting!

Re: HD500 Worship Tones wanted :-) ?
by daveschutt on 2011-03-24 17:53:12.9900

Thanks for the post.  What's OP? I look forward to you posting your patches!

Re: HD500 Worship Tones wanted :-) ?
by greghall on 2011-03-25 02:54:31.1600

Original Post

Re: HD500 Worship Tones wanted :-) ?
by scotchtape800 on 2011-03-25 13:20:17.7470

Yeah OP means original post / poster.

Just a short hand for referencing the first post / person.

I uploaded some, check my username. OR, I attached a set list. (Banks 1,5,6 are good.  3 and 4 was crap I was working on as experiments. 2 is ok)

They still kind of suck sorry

I have a Lonestar Fender Strat. (PEARLY GATES Bridge Humbucker. Hot singles)

I have a compressor in most of them because the volume levels are so different between singles and humbucker.

Basically a few JC ones and then a bunch of ambient patches.

Those are probably my best ones.  Most have EXP 1 = amp channel volume.

FS are assigned, so check HD edit.

All set to Guitar / Variax

Anyways, any feedback appreciated, help me with the EQ!

Seriously, if it sucks please tell me and help me fix it!

Can't get the Hillsong down yet, it sounds too harsh.

Right now I have only Guitar > Pod HD500.

I want to get an EQ pedal later for pre distortion EQ.

So maybe Guitar > Buffer > EQ > Pod HD500 and that's it.

MAYBE compressor.

ALSO check out Guitarnet70's AC30 tone here, it's really good.

Re: HD500 Worship Tones wanted :-) ?
by daveschutt on 2011-05-30 18:14:59.2580

Here are a some more tones from last weekend's service I created.  Please let me know what you think.  I used a Variax so the guitar settings are also built into the patches.  Love The Lord and Time Has Come are very similar but Time Has Come has an ambient delay on it.  I use an FX Loop tied to F4 for a clean boost.  EXP 2 is controlling the channel volume.  Shout Of The King is a dual amp patch which cleans up to a Fender Black Face with the expression pedal heal down and is a heavy overdriven Treadplate with expression pedal toe down.  I used the toe down for the main riff.  Cleaned it up for the verses and used the expression at about 40% for the choruses.  Finally, the son Set A Fire was bluesy gospel song that I had to play a solo in and this lead is a good big solo guitar tone.  Very warm with a lot of sustain.

Re: HD500 Worship Tones wanted :-) ?
by naruto177 on 2011-05-31 18:18:25.2820

I would like to get God you reign and EVerlasting God by LB and Hosanna by Hillsong with the solos to please =)

Thank you!

Re: HD500 Worship Tones wanted :-) ?
by TheZiv on 2012-06-14 08:53:14.1040

Sorry to resurrect such an old thread but does anyone have these for the HD400?

Re: HD500 Worship Tones wanted :-) ?
by jesuscares on 2012-06-17 23:12:51.5660

Please post your bundles.

Re: HD500 Worship Tones wanted :-) ?
by facemask on 2013-03-28 08:54:37.4310

im late to this party. any new tones out there? looking to find a sound like Jimmy Ingram's on the Austin Stone Live worship album.

Re: HD500 Worship Tones wanted :-) ?
by StephenSLR on 2013-03-28 12:22:47.9900

Yes and some of us remember how big Stryper was.


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