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Vocal tones - upgrades or updates?
by Crimson_blades on 2011-03-05 17:48:00.7830

Hi all

I was wondering what's happening with Line 6's involvement in regards to pushing more of the vocal tones and presets.

I used to use a bass pod for my mic and always thought why don't they do something to support vocals? Low and behold you finally did and i was a damn happy man but with all respect you seem to have released your vocal range and then left it stranded.

I'm really struggling to find anything online and think everyone would really appreciate some new tones that cover - EQ'S, good vocal gating, a little more focus on good live reverbs etc.... I think you guys are doing a great job but theres something here that i believe you guys could really gain a lot more fans, customers with if you gave us egotistical vocalists a little bit more time in the light (what changes).

Have a nice weekend one and all.

Re: RE: Vocal tones - upgrades or updates?
by darealagentp on 2011-03-10 15:10:51.9560

Thanks for your feedback and thoughts. I know that this past half year much focus has been towards the new POD HD systems, DT50 guitar amps, Relay digital wireless systems and JTV modelling guitars.

That's not to say your ideas are a good idea... far from it. The best way to let our company's product development team aware of public interest for potential product changes/development is through this portal:

Those are sent directly to the people who have the ability to implement product changes and creation. Our department here is to support existing products and the features that already are present.

Thanks again.

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