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Otto Filter
by AllenJM on 2011-03-06 10:13:52.3120

When I engage my Otto Filter there is a significant increase in gain that is out of balance with the signal at all other times - either clean, on its own, or while using other effects. I have tried adjusting the SENS pot to remedy this but to no avail. Is there an internal control that can bring the effect level in balance with the bypass signal? Has anyone else experienced this problem? I would love to put this back in my effects chain, but as it is there is no way. What to do?!

Re: RE: Otto Filter
by darealagentp on 2011-03-10 15:04:43.0010

I just tested with a ToneCore Otto Filter here in the office. There should not be a big "gain" discrepancy between direct/bypassed tone and effected tone.

You should try removing the 2 hex-screws on the side of the dock and gently depress the plastic lock tab to release the module portion of the pedal. Take a look at the contact points (metal pins). Clean them if necessary and re-seat the module.

Re-test. If the symptoms still linger, the only way to really determine if the problem is originating in the module or the dock is by taking your module out and inserting it into a different dock. I've had users take a trip to the local Guitar Center's (Long & McQuade or Steve's Music for you, since I see you're writing us from Canada) Accessories department with the module and ask sales reps if it's OK to test the module with a new ToneCore dock in inventory. If you find that the effected signal in a different dock is still overpowering or underpowered, the issue is your module. If a new dock corrects the issue, you have your answer.

Re: RE: Otto Filter
by Jbone333 on 2012-02-07 18:17:41.4540

I recently purchased an Otto Filter and i am having the same problem. Its much louder than any other pedal i have in the chain no matter what configuration I run. Did the issue ever get resolved AllenJM?


Re: RE: Otto Filter
by Jbone333 on 2012-02-09 16:18:34.4040

well,  I went to a local guitar store that had several line6 pedals. I swaped out two different docks and same issue. Its a shame cause that is the best envelope filter I ever heard. When I use it , the amp jumps in volume every bit of 6d dammit.

Re: Otto Filter
by sawtooth2000 on 2013-02-07 09:51:05.5090

Yes, my pedal does the same thing! And my Otto Filter is a very early version that is NOT one of the module versions that can be swapped in and out of the dock system. Mine is in its own dedicated stompbox case....the dedicated pedal is now replaced by the dock system, but rest assured that it is doing the same thing.

I mean, it is a great pedal and I really enjoy the effect but, like AllenJM and Jbone333, the pedal is just WAY too loud when engaged and I just can't seem to use it without the effect blasting out the house, especially with a sharp peak. The thing is basically useless and, well, this stuff costs money.....I would venture a guess that mine is a boost of over 6db! I mean, you want to blow out the eardrums of an entire room just kick that pedal in...

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