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12-string model noise
by Icewind on 2011-03-07 21:41:51.4500

On my JTV-89 I'm getting a lot of extra noise on all of the 12-string models (positions 2 and 4 on Acoustic or Chime).  None of the other models seem to have it that I can tell, but with modeling turned off, the magnetic pickups have the same thing going on at positions 2 and 4.  It's kind of a whistling noise.  I've tried different outlets/power strips, I've tried at home on studio monitors and at church through an amp, and I've tried both the Variax cable and a regular 1/4".  None of these things seem to have any effect.

Could any of you with a JTV in-hand take a listen to these positions for me and see if you experience the same thing?

Re: 12-string model noise
by gtrman100 on 2011-03-07 22:40:15.9820

I just checked my JTV69- the 12 string models do have a very slight higher level of noise, but not anything that would make a difference.

Re: 12-string model noise
by Icewind on 2011-03-08 08:00:52.3830

Thanks...yeah, this isn't something you'd hear easily while playing, but it's quite audible when not playing and makes recordings kinda crappy.

Re: RE: 12-string model noise
by darealagentp on 2011-03-18 15:38:27.1050

I didn't hear a "whistling noise" on the current flash memory install of my JTV89.

I do remember an earlier install of the flash memory where something like that was going on with the modelled sounds. A re-flash (via Workbench USB) of the system software correct that issue for me. This was sometime earlier this year.

I'd recommend a re-flash, if possible. Then re-check.

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