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POD HD 300 "toe switch"
by MatthewMargetts on 2011-03-11 08:33:00.5750

I have a POD HD 300. In the manuals there is constant reference made to the expression pedal "toe switch", and that it can toggle between modes, which would be great. However, when you look at the physical unit there doesn´t seem to be any switch there, just a metal ridge that comes down on the underside of the pedal but which never makes contact with what looks like some sort of pressure pad inset into the unit below. No matter how hard you stamp on that pedal no toggling occurs. The pedal will break before any contact is ever made. I would like to know if my unit is missing the switch or something, because there is certainly no control effected at the toe stop area of my expression pedal. Except via the computer interface or button editing on the unit, the expression pedal can´t be toggled. Are the physical toe switches only on HD400 and 500 ? (the manual says quite clearly that there should be one on the HD300). Can anyone help? What does your HD300 look like in the toe switch area?


Re: POD HD 300 "toe switch"
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-03-11 08:55:55.8220

The POD HD500 has the switch mounted on a circuit board inside the unit. This is activated by a rod attached to the underside of the predal - in fact it's formed by the casting process and which protrudes down into the unit to press the actual switch.  The HD500 can be quite hard to get the switch to activate.  I believe the HD300 uses the same kind of mechanism.  You will struggle to get it to switch with your foot from a sitting position and you won't easily get it to switch using your hands, so you need to stand on it with your foot making sure the toe down position is in contact with the switch - then you need to kind of lean in to the switch and it should engage.  once you have the technique it's pretty easy, but yes it does require a lot of pressure.  There is no adjustment possible, but this same phenomenon has been noted with previous PODs and FBV pedal boards and it does seem to become easier the more the pedal board or POD experssion pedal is used.


Re: POD HD 300 "toe switch"
by mD3X on 2011-03-14 21:24:20.1990

I am trying the calibrate the pedal as mentioned in the manual, since right now it seems the range on my pedal is just a mere quarter of the way down to full on volume.  My display is reading press and hold toe switch, and I am standing on this thing all the way, yet there is no contact to that tiny metal plate under the pedal!  This is EXTREMELY disappointing. 

Re: POD HD 300 "toe switch"
by tim1953 on 2011-03-20 20:27:27.7330

I just bought the HD 500 yesterday and I'm having the same problem with the pedal toe switch.

No matter how hard I press down it does not work - and yes I selected it as explained in the Advanced Guide.

I've actually stood on this damn thing to the point that it feels like I'm going to break off the pedal or bend the medal casing.

There's either something wrong with this or this is the worst wah pedal design ever!

I have an original Vox wah from 1970 & I thought that was hard to turn on & off but man the pedal on the HD 500 sucks.

I actually like the feel of the wah sweep - very smooth - but it's of no use if the toe switch doesn't work right.

Please help!

Re: POD HD 300 "toe switch"
by timowens on 2011-03-20 20:51:51.0930

Try going through a few of the factory presets, for example, the Son Of Plexi has the Wah already programmed for you, if you can't engage the wah in that preset then you need to push harder, if it still doesn't engage then push even harder. As was stated, I simply could not engage the wah while sitting down, I had to stand up and put A LOT of pressure on the pedal to engage the toe switch. A while back someone on this forum said they put a piece of self adhesive foam on the bottom of the actuator to make it easier to engage the switch. I can't say for sure, but I would guess that a piece of foam about 1/32 inch thick foam will do the trick, of coarse this would void your warranty and stuff like that so I can't say it's a good idea, but....

Seriously, this tow switch is a problem, Line6 needs to rethink their design of this portion of the POD. Some other units in the same price range actually have an adjustable tow switch, my Brand-X lets you set the amount of pressure required to engage the switch, even my old Cry Baby wah is adjustable.

Re: POD HD 300 "toe switch"
by tim1953 on 2011-03-21 17:13:12.3930

I finally stood on the pedal with all my weight (170lb) and was able to engage it.

The first time I did it I heard a loud snap and thought oh no I broke something inside but then I was able to get it to work.

I'm wondering what the noise was.

At any rate Line 6 should figure out a way to make the pedal switch adjustable.

I know Americans are getting fatter these days but not everyone that buys a Pod HD is gonna weigh 300lbs.

What about those 100lb hot chick guitar players out there?

Re: POD HD 300 "toe switch"
by timowens on 2011-03-21 17:40:49.2110

Mine makes a snap sound sometimes, but I haven't figured out what's making the noise. There is a gentle click whenever the switch engages but it's not that loud at all, it's more of something you feel. But, I can make it click without engaging the switch, that's the frustrating thing, you feel the click and think you are there and nothing But all in all I'm really liking this thing, haven't touched my other modelers since I got this one

Re: POD HD 300 "toe switch"
by tim1953 on 2011-03-21 18:05:30.5350

I must say I'm pretty impressed with the sound of this unit.

I'm lucky enough to own some really nice classic amps - I bought this unit

so I didn't have to drag around amps on my smaller duo gigs.

The Pod HD 500 allows me to get a nice sound with the least amount of gear.

All my amps & effects in one small pedal board - no speaker cabinets - just straight into the mixing board - GREAT!

I do hope that Line 6 comes up with a fix for the pedal switch.

Re: POD HD 300 "toe switch"
by fingerscaraballo on 2011-03-22 07:49:55.8940

when assigning the toe switch to any amp or block to control you must press in the view button before the toe switch can start working so please make sure you press view and exit the pedal assign screen. Hope this helps

Re: POD HD 300 "toe switch"
by tim1953 on 2011-03-22 16:30:57.6180

Yes I was aware of that - but thank you for the reply.

The problem is mechanical - the switch just needs too much pressure to engage.

Line 6 needs to re-engineer this pedal to make it adjustable.

Even my 41 year old Vox wah has a way to adjust the switch - just by raising the switch you can get it to engage with less pressure.

I would think a fix could be made with a little redesigning.

Re: POD HD 300 "toe switch"
by psilo777 on 2012-08-29 09:14:05.6800

POD HD300 has same prob press and hold toe switch didnt work

sold this piece of crap as this unfinished product gonna buy digitech more reliable

Re: POD HD 300 "toe switch"
by jabney415 on 2012-12-17 14:00:52.4060

The problem is that the switch  is engaged  by a little tab of steel under the toe end, and when the two EXTREMELY firm rubber stops under there prevent the pedal from moving any more, there's still an eighth of an inch of air between the steel tab and the switch it's supposed to hit. My suggestion, if you're not big enough to simply stand on the thing with your full weight and switch it repeatedly until those stops get a little more pliable, might be to carefully use a very sharp blade and trim that bit of additonal height off of them. Or just get the fattest guy in the band to switch it over and over until those damn stops soften.

Re: POD HD 300 "toe switch"
by JTSC777 on 2012-12-17 18:27:56.7300

Had my HD300 for about 3 months with no toe switch problem.All modeling devices for guitar have a rather stiff switch engage. This is nothing new. Personally I like it. All my old Vox-Dunlop type wahs eventually became too easy to engage after a few years of use. Step on it like you mean it and it will work.These days we want super low action on our guitars-easy switches for our pedals and loopers to play chords behind us.Practice with, and spend time with whatever gear you are using and it will work. Hendrix-Clapton-Beck etc...used guitars with high action-crappy pedals and amps with little or no maintenance. Those guys weren't crybabies and we shouldn't be either. I am glad we have so many wonderful things to make music with. I grew up playing on crude junk so for me an HD300-Egnater Tweaker head with 1x12 cab(loaded with a 150 watt Texas Heat speaker) Roland GR55 etc...are nothing short of musical miracles. Remember their are no shortcuts. It's all Blood-Sweat and Tears!

Re: POD HD 300 "toe switch"
by lukegeis on 2012-12-19 14:55:56.0150

A little bit of physics could help too. Try stepping on the very front end of the pedal. This will place more energy into the downward force and should make it easier to press down. Mine is rather stiff too, but if I place th ball of my foot at the edge of the pedal ( closest to the top of the unit ) I find it rather easy to get it to engage.

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