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POD Farm won't work with X3 Live
by fatherstew on 2011-03-11 16:09:17.2340

I have an the latest X3 live running on Mac Pro with Snow Leopard.  I can use and update with Monkey, record using Garage Band and can use gearbox and the computer is recognising the unit in the audio/midi settings but POD Farm says there is no Line 6 Product connected??  This may be a set up issue but its got me beat as to why the other programs all recognise it but POD Farm won't.  Its really frustrating.  Also, Monkey says it doesn't recognise the version of firmware but says there is an available update but as soon as I download the update it says it incurred an error and cannot update it.

Some help with this would be great as I am pulling my hair out.

Re: POD Farm won't work with X3 Live
by silverhead on 2011-03-11 17:20:09.8090

Pod Farm works with the X3 only as a plugin to your DAW - it does not work standalone (by clicking on its icon). The standalone X3 editor/librarian is Gearbox.

Re: POD Farm won't work with X3 Live
by timowens on 2011-03-11 19:27:52.9280

Silverhead is correct, this is probably the most often asked question on the X3 forum. It makes you wonder why the installer installs the standalone version when you can't use it, couldn't they simply make the installer install the pluggin version only and popup a window that says this is only a pluggin version? Seems kind of silly

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