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M13 Compressor Wishlist
by chenz4 on 2011-03-16 09:06:56.1370

Hey guys, the M13 has 5 knobs available for tweaking settings. Why don't we have a compressor yet with more options? Attack, Release, Threshold, Ratio, Volume. That would be really nice! I'd love for that Tube Compressor to be more tweakable. Any chance of that happening?

RE: M13 Compressor Wishlist
by Line6david on 2011-03-17 09:38:49.6270


You can request new features and give us product feedback here:



Line 6 Customer Support

Re: RE: M13 Compressor Wishlist
by chenz4 on 2011-03-17 10:06:41.0090

thanks. Have done so.

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