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The best tones are the those that joey sturgis is able to get...
by jpsmithrocks on 2011-03-21 15:50:15.5230

Producer/Engineer who's discography you can see below exclusively uses Pod Farm 2 to get anything guitar and his tones and mixes are amazing to say the least...

Year↓ Artist↓ Album Title↓ Label↓ Credits↓
2011AttilaOutlawedArtery RecordingsProducer [6]
2011We Came as RomansTBAEqual Vision RecordsProducer
2011The Devil Wears PradaTBAWarner Bros. RecordsAs assistant, producer Adam Dutkiewicz [7]
2011Silent ScreamsTBAn/aProducer [8]
2011The March AheadTBAn/aProducer
2011The Air I BreatheGreat Faith in FoolsVelocity/Rise RecordsMixing, Mastering[9]
2011Of Mice & MenTBARise RecordsProducer
2011Asking AlexandriaReckless and RelentlessSumerian RecordsProducer
2011I See StarsThe End of the World PartySumerian RecordsMastering [10] [11]
2011EmmureSpeaker of the DeadVictory RecordsProducer, Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
2011The Color MoraleMy Devil in Your EyesRise RecordsProducer, Engineer, Mastering, Mixing, Vocals
2010The Devil Wears PradaZombie EPWarner Bros. RecordsProducer, Mastering, Mixing, Engineer
2010Miss May IMonumentRise RecordsProducer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2010Attack Attack!Attack Attack!Rise RecordsProducer, Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
2010Of Mice & MenOf Mice & MenRise RecordsProducer, Mixing, Mastering
2010Us, from OutsideInspired by the Threat of FailureTragic Hero RecordsProducer, Mixing, Engineer, Mastering
2010I Am AbominationTo Our ForefathersGood Fight MusicEngineer, Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2010Before Their EyesUntouchableRise RecordsEngineer, Instrumentation, Mastering, Composer, Mixing, Producer
2010A Plea for PurgingThe Marriage of Heaven and HellFacedown RecordsProducer, Mixed and mastered by Brian Hood
2010Woe, Is MeNumber[s]Velocity/Rise RecordsMastering
2010ConfideRecoverTragic Hero RecordsProducer
2009We Came as RomansTo Plant a SeedEqual Vision RecordsEngineer, Programming, Keyboards, Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2009Asking AlexandriaStand Up and ScreamSumerian RecordsMastering, Producer, Mixing, Engineer
2009Settle the SkyNow That We're WaitingStandBy RecordsEngineer, Mastering, Mixing
2009The Color MoraleWe All Have DemonsRise RecordsMixing, Engineer, Mastering, Producer
2009Let's Get ItDigital Spaces EPFearless RecordsProducer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Mastering
2009For the Fallen DreamsRelentlessRise RecordsProducer, Mixing, Mastering, Engineer
2009The Crimson ArmadaGuardiansMetal Blade RecordsMixing, Guest Appearance, Vocals, Engineer, Programming, Producer
2009Miss May IApologies Are for the WeakRise RecordsComposer, Mixing, Audio Production, Mastering, Producer, Engineer
2009The Devil Wears PradaWith Roots Above and Branches BelowFerret MusicMastering, Mixing, Audio Engineer, Audio Production, Producer, Engineer
2009OceanoDepthsEarache RecordsProducer, Keyboards, Programming, Mastering, Mixing, Engineer
2009A Plea for PurgingDepravityFacedown RecordsEngineer, Programming, Mastering, Mixing, Guest Appearance, Vocals, Producer
2009Woe of TyrantsKingdom of MightMetal Blade RecordsAudio Production, Composer, Audio Engineer
2009I Am AbominationJaw DropperSelf-releasedProducer
2009RosalineA Constant NorthEulogy RecordingsProducer
2008We Came as RomansDreams EPSelf-releasedProducer
2008Attack Attack!Someday Came SuddenlyRise RecordsProducer, Orchestra Production, Engineer, Mastering, Guitar, Mixing
2008Before Their EyesThe Dawn of My DeathRise RecordsProducer, Audio Production, Mastering, Mixing
2008Take It Back!Can't Fight RobotsFacedown RecordsProducer, Mastering, Engineer, Mixing
2008Sea of TreacheryAt Daggers DrawnSumerian RecordsMixing, Mastering, Engineer, Keyboards, Producer
2008Kingston FallsArmada on MercuryFacedown RecordsAudio Production, Mixing, Audio Engineer, Mastering, Producer, Composer
2008Burden of a DayBlessed Be Our Ever AfterRise RecordsMixing, Mastering, Engineer, Producer
2008Mychildren MybrideUnbreakableSolid State RecordsProducer, Piano Programming, Orchestra Production, Mixed by Adam Dutkiewicz
2008For the Fallen DreamsChangesRise RecordsProducer, Mastering, Mixing, Engineer
2008The CallahanFace The Day EPSelf-releasedProducer
2008EliThe Second ComingSelf-releasedProducer
2008Run Into the ShadowsDon't Even Say a WordSelf-releasedProducer
2007Every Bridge BurnedAun AprendoRise RecordsProducer, Mastering, Mixing
2007The Devil Wears PradaPlaguesRise RecordsProducer, Engineer, Mastering, Mixing, Audio Engineer, Audio Production
2007At the Throne of JudgmentThe Arcanum OrderRise RecordsMastering, Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2007Never AgainAgainst the Rest1981 RecordsMastering, Mixing, Engineer
2007Before Their EyesBefore Their EyesRise RecordsAudio Production, Audio Engineer
2007From the ShallowsBeyond the UnknownTribunal RecordsAudio Production
2007Kiss the GunnerWhy Are We So Dead?Harvest Earth RecordsAudio Production
2007Death VirginiaDear BrothersSelf-releasedMixing, Mastering
2007EmarosaThis Is Your Way OutRise RecordsMixing, Mastering, Lyricist, Producer, Composer, Engineer
2006The Devil Wears PradaDear Love: A Beautiful DiscordRise RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Producer
2005The Devil Wears PradaPatterns of a HorizonSelf-releasedEngineer, Mixing, Producer

heres the settings he uses as a starting point:

So what you need is POD XT PRO (with Metal Pack), POD X3 or POD FARM  PLATINUM and an EQ plugin (pretty much any will do). Then the signal  chain is pretty simple: POD -> EQ -> Guitar group

POD settings:
Stomp: Tube Screamer
- gain 75
- drive 15
- tone 50
Amp: MS-Diamondplate ("Cali Diamond Plate" in Podfarm Platinum)
- drive: "amp gain around the breaking point of too much crunch on  chugs. have the guitarist chug over and over again, make sure he's doing  a good chug. then slowly turn the gain up until it sounds edgy enough"
- bass mids and treble: ~50% (mix to taste)
- presence: ~60%
Cab: 4x12 Threadplate
- condencer mic (67)
- room 0%

Channel EQ settings:
EQ (always): Highpass 50-100hz, Lowpass 12khz
EQ (threadplate cab specific): cut at 800hz, cut at 4khz
EQ (suggestions): Boost between 300-400hz, boost 5-8khz for clarity

And thats it! (might require you to use a noise gate before screamer pedal)

and heres the actual patch:

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.