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Pod Farm Platinum - "half authorized"
by Klar on 2011-03-28 12:49:36.2200

Hello all

A few different podfarm issues, trying to get it to fully install and authorize.

I recently bought Podfarm Platinum with Ilok. Although my Ilok authorization went smoothly, I cannot get all the functions of Podfarm activated for some reason.

I have installed, removed, and reinstalled several times on different Mac and PC systems. For some reason it still will not show me all the functions of the software even when Ilok is attached. Patch names are "greyed out" in the patch lists... And what seems to be more of a problem... It always wants to have my UX1 present as well, regardless of Ilok being there.

This seems to have something to do with the driver installation... Yes I have been doing all of that through "Monkey", so it should be easy. Everytime I go to install the application, and whether or not I choose to install UX1 drivers along with the Ilok, it will not go ahead unless I also install the UX1 drivers... It will not continue installation unless I choose some sort of line6 hardware in addition to Ilok.

This is the whole reason I bought Ilok... So I could have Podfarm on a few different Macs and PC. Those other computers have their own interfaces on them, so I do not want (and can't) be moving my UX1 to each system for what I use those for.

Also: When I have had it running, all the amps names do not show up... Many of the pedals shown in a graphic interface chain have red crosses through them showing they are not authorized to run...

Lastly: I bought the PLATINUM version so I could have metal shop, FX, etc... And those supposed "additions" are not installed. They want separate passwords for those. Why doesn't the FULL version of Podfarm have those installed???

Re: Pod Farm Platinum - "half authorized"
by Triryche on 2011-03-28 13:46:58.0660

Just to eliminate something simple. (My guess is you did this already, just throwing it out there...)

If you purchased Platinum for iLok, when you go to install POD Farm 2, make sure you select to install for iLok.

This option is at the very beggining of the installation.

So if you are unsure, I would unistall POD Farm 2 and re-install making sure to select for iLok.

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