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P.O.D. 2.0
by ladiski09 on 2011-03-29 18:13:20.8590

I recently purchased a POD 2.0 and i love it..EXCEPT that every setting i have it on sounds like theres a phaser or some noise thats disabling me from getting the full guitar sound. I play metal, bands like all that remains and killswitch engage but its hard to actually hear the tone of the notes with this phaser type noise going on and i have no idea how to get rid of it. My effects are turned all the way down and i have no reverb.

Re: P.O.D. 2.0
by Mr_Arkadin on 2011-03-29 18:15:38.9700

Have you tried the AIR switch in a different position?

Re: P.O.D. 2.0
by ladiski09 on 2011-03-31 18:16:20.7000

yes i have tried that but its still there. and its on EVERY setting. i dont know what to do

RE: P.O.D. 2.0
by Line6david on 2011-04-01 10:59:38.6050


Have you tried a factory reset on the POD 2.0?

press and hold the up and down arrow buttons as you power the unit on for ~ 5-7 seconds or until it goes to the preset 1-A



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