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JTV-59 Alt Tuning Problem
by Nichlas21 on 2011-03-31 07:21:19.4950

I realy need some help here.

I've been searching for solutions but can't seem to find any.

I got this JTV-59 variax guitar and a PODx3 Live connect via the variax cable.

For some reason when i use the Alt tuning, it's like there are two guitars. One with the other tuning and one with the standard tuning. If i connect through the jack-cable there are no poblems and just can't figure it out why the Alt tuning doesn't work through the variax cable.

I seriously need some help with this. thanks!

Re: JTV-59 Alt Tuning Problem
by CliveCalcutt on 2011-04-01 03:21:37.5350

I haven't yet got my JTV, and don't have a PODx3L, but from what I've read elsewhere on here the X3 has Dual Tone capabilities, and that's exactly what you're getting - the signal from the mags and the Variax (Alt Tune) tones are both going down the VDI cable. You need to adjust the POD inputs so that you're only hearing the Variax tone, but as I'm not familiar with the X3, that's the limit of my competence, so you'll need to work this out yourself! (or wait for someone else to chime in).


Re: JTV-59 Alt Tuning Problem
by edstar1960 on 2011-04-01 04:16:03.3340

Make sure that you have got the latest firmware on your X3L - this includes the support for the JTV and the ability to have mags or models or both.

Once you have latest firmware on the X3L, connect your Variax to the X3L with the VDI cable, then select the input for the Tone you are working with. Scroll through the options - you will see that you now have Variax Ch1 and Variax Ch2 as additional options along with Variax.

If you choose Variax for your input option then you will get BOTH mags and modelled sounds.

If you choose Variax Ch1 you will just get the model sound.

If you choose Variax Ch2 you will just get the mag pickups sound.

You will need to set the appropriate input selection for both Tone1 and Tone2 for your patch you are working with.

It sounds like you have got Variax selected as input - so you are hearing both the modelled sound (with the alternate tuning) and the mag pickup sound (with the standard tuning).   Select just Variax Ch1 to hear just the modelled sound with the altered tuning.

That should fix it for you.

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