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New M9 - Puzzled About Firmware
by marcusdg on 2011-03-31 17:45:40.0430

I just bought a new M9. Received it yesterday from MF.  I am puzzled. The documentation in the Advanced Guide has an overview of the Firmware Update v2.0 and lists the changes. Part of the update list refers to new FX Models including Pitch Glide, etc, and a new Particle Verb. Also listed as a new feature is the Relative Mode. My firmware on the setup screen shows v1.01. However, I do have Pitch Glide, Particle Verb, the custom EQ's etc but I don't have the Relative Mode option showing up. This is puzzling to me. Were there previous FX's such as Particle Verb and Pitch Glide in v1.01 and they were just upgraded? The documentation states it as if they were new FX Models with 2.0. Anyone know why this would be? Thanks.

Re: RE: New M9 - Puzzled About Firmware
by darealagentp on 2011-04-04 14:28:41.1760

Not sure "why" this would be... but I'd highly recommend you installing Line 6 Monkey 1.35 from our Downloads Page, connect the M9 via USB afterwards and update the M9 to the latest version.

If I remember correctly, Flash Memory 2.01 was the first instance where "Relative Mode" was incorporated into the M9's system software. I think in 2.00, there was no "Relative Mode" yet.

Updating the firmware/flash will bring you up to speed.

Re: RE: New M9 - Puzzled About Firmware
by DWBH on 2012-09-30 04:27:26.5490

I just got a used M9, and this happens as well. It's v1.01, it has all the new effects (except Sub Octave Bass), but doesn't have the relative mode.

What might have caused this? A firmware update that went wrong?

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