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Canada.. James Tyler Variax??
by jcpose on 2011-04-01 14:01:28.1860

In January, at the Long and Mcquade in Waterloo ON, Canada.. I placed an order for a JTV-69 Korean, with Tobacco Sunburst.. the expected delivery date was 3/31/2010.

I phoned today.. and their supplier is saying another 3-6 months for this guitar.. Needless to say I am very unhappy.. For canadian's out there.. where are you getting these guitars? I'm not going to wait another 3-6 months for this guitar.

Re: Canada.. James Tyler Variax??
by silverhead on 2011-04-01 14:08:58.0760

There are none yet in Canada.

To stay up to date with the official word from Line 6 on global availability, tune in periodically to this thread:

In particular, check out post #1,108 on page 74 (yes - the thread has been going on for that long!)

Re: Canada.. James Tyler Variax??
by sparkyERTW on 2011-04-01 16:42:50.9630

Hey JC,

I ordered mine from the L&M in Brampton back in November.   There's a number of us on here; some have bailed, some have decided to stick it out.  You'll have to figure out what's best for you.  As a guy who owns one of the original 500s, I'll still absolutely dying to get my hands on the JTV when it arrives, despte the delays.  My two cents, but like I said, to each there own.

Re: Canada.. James Tyler Variax??
by jayson2 on 2011-04-01 18:30:37.1400

Hey jcpose,

I ordered a JTV-69 in Sept 2010 from L&M.  I was thinking about cancelling my order but decided to stick it out.   Hope it's worth the wait.

BTW, I think with the JTV-69 the sunburst is a called a 3 tone Sunburst not a Tobacco Sunburst like the colour option for the JTV-59 but I'd be happy to be wrong about that.



Re: Canada.. James Tyler Variax??
by jcpose on 2011-04-04 14:06:19.3300

hey guys, thanks for the replies and pointer to the link.. this wait is honestly killing me.. I so want this guitar.. just the wait.. wow.. and point noted about the three colour burst


Re: Canada.. James Tyler Variax??
by litesnsirens on 2011-04-04 14:23:47.8820

I ordered mine from a smaller store in Newmarket beginning of December.  Having followed along on some of the threads I fully anticipated a long wait.  The problem is once you come on here and see that guys are starting to get their guitars, you lose that perspective.  Anyway, if you look at Rich's last post, I would think within in that 3 to 6 month range it will be closer to the 3 month rather than the 6.  To me this guitar is going to be something that will be extremely helpful.  So I don't see the point in bailing just because I have to wait.  It's not like I won't need its features anymore by the time it gets here.

Re: Canada.. James Tyler Variax??
by jcpose on 2011-05-06 10:51:36.4050

Well I just phoned long and mcquade.. it's now looking like August for this delivery.. I have no choice but to wait.. I do believe strongly in what a great product this is, just disappointed that I must wait this long.


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