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by vintage-pg on 2011-04-04 05:01:26.7520

I have e-mailed you about the NON EXISTING delivery date for JVT guitars  (Korean made)to Europe and Scandinavia. And the answer I got was That  it takes time to make them because they are hand made. That was it. I´m  from Sweden and I have been trying to get a JTV-69 black since september  last year. I think it´s very frustrating not being able to get one. Now  don´t get me wrong I´m using a lot of Line6 products and i´m very  satisfied. But when you make a guitar that´s far better than the old  variax and you can´t diliver, that´s just sad. I just think that LINE6  can loose many costumers world wide when you can´t dilivar your  products. Can you give me some answers about when the next batch can be  diliverd to Europe and Scandinavia? Maby you have one just laying around  somewhere at your company. If you do, be a sport and please send it to  me. I´ll pay what ever you want for it.
Have a nice one
Lars Rosen Sweden

RE: JTV-69
by Line6Don on 2011-04-07 11:27:16.5010

Hey vintage-pg,

At the moment there are not any further updates to the product availability of the JTV. I apologize for your inconvenience, an update will made as soon as there is a change in the availability.

I hope this helps.

Re: RE: JTV-69
by Sampo72 on 2011-04-08 04:41:14.1290


Is it correct to conclude that last update about EU situation is not valid any more? This was 22nd of March:

"There are a couple hundred guitars that will be arriving for set up in the UK in a few weeks early April so those should be out in the stores in 3-5 weeks around April 14th to the 28th around Europe.

Then we have a few hundred each going to both the US and the UK arriving around the 3rd week in April around the 22nd give or take. So again, those will be landing in stores around the first two weeks in May.

Then we have another few hundred each going to the US and the UK arriving around the second week of May and landing in stores around May 20 to June 3rd.

After that we get close to a thousand arriving all over the world in June and a few thousand more in July. By the end of the year we are looking at many thousands."

Hundreds, hundreds, hundereds and then thousands. What a joke.

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