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VDI jack socket replacement
by hurghanico on 2011-04-06 06:29:42.2740

I recently bought a used Variax 700 electric..

It had a problem with the VDI rj45 socket that did not work and in addition blocked my XT-live at the moment, I have temporarily solved by straightening and better aligning the inner pins with the help of a piece of guitar string bent into a hook..

I would really like to use this guitar in my live concerts, but for my own safety I would first change the VDI rj45 socket with an original new..

Here in Italy I can not find it, I tried to ask online at, but after several days they still not give me an answer..

Why it must be so difficult to have a simple replacement part?

Re: VDI jack socket replacement
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2011-04-06 07:04:23.7030

It's not difficult at all if you know what to look for.

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Re: VDI jack socket replacement
by hurghanico on 2011-04-06 10:32:32.4920

Thank you very much Crusty_Old_Rocker for your friendly reply ..

your solution requires that you know how to make good soldering ..

sometimes I do simple soldering, for example with the cables and jacks, but in this case I think it is necessary to make a more precise working ..

I do not know if it would cost me more to buy the replacement you suggested and to pay a good technician who makes me the necessary soldering, or instead buy the original part (if there is a possibility for us common people) already complete and ready to mount .. click clack ..

I'm sorry that the Line6 does not give us the opportunity to directly buy simple parts like this, I'm sure my problem is quite popular, the part in question is quite delicate and prone to be damaged quite easily, you know, connect disconnect reconnect etc. .. inadvertently insert the jack in the wrong socket.. etc.. etc..

you can directly buy the piezo (which require soldering) and not this simple socket?

I can not understand

Re: VDI jack socket replacement
by amx05462 on 2011-04-06 13:52:27.5030  this is  just the  rj45  jack with the  boaard  on it  this is the  whole unit.

  youll have to change the  plugs  on the  board  of your  existing  jack or  jacks  depending  on which   you  buy.  no big  deal  unplug  and  plug.

Re: VDI jack socket replacement
by hurghanico on 2011-04-06 16:16:50.8920

thanks man, but I already knew that those two items are available on ..

I contacted them by email several days ago, I also requested a quote via their website for purchase and shipping in Italy but still got no answer ..

actually would not be bad to change all the jack assembly plate, so I could also get the built-in protective cap, which now I do not have ..

the difference in price compared to the cost the single VDI socket is very small ..

anyway I feel that if I do not want to wait biblical times I'll probably do better as suggested by the friend Crusty_Old_Rocker, rolling up my sleeves and get to work on the piece, hoping not to make damages, or perhaps even better, by do everything by a qualified technician ..

unfortunately for me I like a lot the innovative products and ideas of Line6, and then I feel obliged to accept what gives us the convent .. damn!

Line6 you might be more gentle beyond to be so ingenious!!

did you hear me??

Re: VDI jack socket replacement
by amx05462 on 2011-04-07 02:48:57.4770

well  in reality.   people  who  are  very smart    are  usually  veru  focused  in  a  narrow  line  of  thought.

   were  it  me  id  just  order the  part.  but  you   have to do what you  think is  best.

then  again  you  could  for  the  little  ammount  of  money  involved    buy  both .      which  ever   comes  in  first    go that  route  nad  have the  other  for a backup  that you can just  pop in.

its  not  like  line  6  has these  laying  around    to just    get  at  your  convenience.    check  ebay   there   might  be  parts  there  . i see  them  from   time  to time.

Re: VDI jack socket replacement
by hurghanico on 2011-04-07 06:11:18.9220

dear amx05462, what you advise me it is exactly what I'm trying to do for several days now ..that is trying to buy both items ..

I also tried searching on ebay but what I'm looking for is not there at the moment ..

Unfortunately, the only site I know that sells these two parts is ..

several days ago I contacted them by email at and at first I got the following response:


Although we can ship internationally and have many customers overseas, we CANNOT accept payment via credit card or paypal. We can ONLY accept payment via bank wire transfer, it is much more secure than credit card and preferred by our international customers.

We can ship via Fed Ex, DHL, or UPS however we cannot ship via US Mail.

For every quotation we check with each carrier to see which is the least expensive.

If you would like a quotation we will need your complete shipping address including postal code.

Please feel free to email our International Sales Associates with any questions!

Manny Figueroa

Luis Acosta

Lynn -- eCommerce Team>

I also registered on their site indicating all my data and I requested a quote for the sale and shipment of both objects in Italy ..

I sent an email to both contacts that I have been provided in the message above, but to this day after several days that I tried, I have not an answer ..

maybe I should try a rain dance .. you never know

Re: VDI jack socket replacement
by amx05462 on 2011-04-07 13:48:16.2540

yeah that sucks.   best thing  and  it  slowly  works  at line  6  is  nag  them  like your there  mom.  keep  at them till they answer  and get  it  done.

Re: VDI jack socket replacement
by hurghanico on 2011-04-07 17:03:38.3590

I think you're right

RE: VDI jack socket replacement
by Line6Don on 2011-04-12 10:16:27.7510

Hey hurghanico,

Sorry to see the trouble you are having ordering a replacement VDI RJ45 socket. Unfortunately we do not currently offer those for sale on our online store.

If you are interested in having a certified service tech look at this, you can try and find a service center in your area using the link below:

I hope this helps, if you still have questions just let us know.

Re: RE: VDI jack socket replacement
by hurghanico on 2011-04-12 11:41:24.5990

Thanks for your reply..

I contacted the Line6 nearest service center (340 km from not laugh!!) and they said that if I proceed with the order, the part will be expensive and take considerable time from 30 to 60 days ..

They suggested me to buy the Neutrik jacks (as they usually do) and do the soldering by any technician ..

I ordered 2 (for safety) Neutrik jacks and arrive in a few days, I think I'll try to solder it myself, I asked for a quote for the work to a technician and he asked me too much ..

In the meantime I'll do an accelerated course on accurate soldering (do not laugh!!. again!)..

I noticed that the jack is attached to the PCB with a black (probably, who knows?!?) epoxy paste .. I'll probably also provide that to put it back after ..

I want anyway to have the original part..

Holy sh..!.. I'm pis...!... after all I am a musician and not a technician!.. I would like to spend my time just playing.. has just disappointed me, they do not respond to emails and even requests for quote, perhaps the money involved is not enough..

And yes! .. I admit it!.. between one thing and another I'm losing my patience

RE: VDI jack socket replacement
by Line6Don on 2011-04-15 11:50:17.4350

Hey hurghanico,

I hope everything works out, please post your results as you get them. If you have any other issues, just let us know.

Re: RE: VDI jack socket replacement
by hurghanico on 2011-04-18 13:49:17.8050

Finally I did it, I am very happy!

The guitar now works perfectly!

I want to write down how I did it for those who like me should have the same problem, and not have the possibility to wait months (or maybe don't have the money) to get the service done ..

From the beginning our friend Crusty_Old_Rocker (thanks again man) advised me to get a Neutrik connector  .. based on the exact picture and the link he had posted, I managed to order two (for safety) Neutrik NE8FAH by a company here in Italy ..when they arrived to me, I realized they were the wrong type, because they have the pins behind that are oriented in such a way as to be soldered perpendicular to the RJ45 socket, whereas they should be instead in parallel and in line to the jack. . the correct type to be mounted is instead the Neutrik NE8FAV (the picture is down here).. "H" final in the name stands for horizontal mount and "V" stands for vertical I know!.. here however do not have this exact type of connector..

Anyway I managed to gently bend the pins behind straightening them and I was able as well to mount and solder the connector, while doing my attempts, the first of the two Neutrik that I bought has broken (some pins), but with the other one everything went well .. and now everything works fine..

Incredibly for me I also managed to finally order (for safety) a complete original jack plate assembly from a german service center (friendly, precise and fast) and I think the replacement will be here soon, unfortunately here in Italy the service is very good but has some difficulty obtaining some original parts, and waiting times are too long ..

I hope what I wrote might be useful to someone..


(Neutrik NE8FAV)

A special thanks to all those who have helped


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