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Question about the m9 and HD500
by K_Freiholtz on 2011-04-11 00:59:24.9190

I am thinking of buying either the line6 m9 or the pod hd500.

The thing i like about the hd500 is that you can split the signal inside  the box and put effects on one and keep the other clean and then bring  them back together at the end I tried a little in pod HD500 edit. I  think that can be very helpful when i want to use OD and distorsions.

But i have read that people think that the next time the m9 gets  upgraded theres a change there are some more effects suited for bass  like a OD.

So my question is if/when the m9 and m13 gets there new firmware updates will those updates be put in the HD500 also?

Are the effect in the HD500 and m9 the exact same effects?

Im not asking if there will be updates just what will happen if there are.

Sorry if my english is a little rusty but do you understand what im  after? I dont want to miss out on any effects suited for bass just  because i choosed the HD500 instead of the M9.

Best regards Kristoffer

Re: Question about the m9 and HD500
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2011-04-11 02:16:39.1400

The POD HD500 is very much like the M13 in terms of the effects built in but with amp modelling added and lots more flexibility and storage.  The M13 can store 24 scenes will the HD500 can store 512 patches with any effects configuration you like with 8 simulataneous effects.

So the HD500 really offers much more than the M13.  Take a look at the product specifications for both.  You'll see what I mean.



Re: Question about the m9 and HD500
by K_Freiholtz on 2011-04-11 02:41:54.5160

Thanks. I kind of knew that but thanks anyway. The thing i really want to know is if the updates for the m13 and HD500 will be the same. Since HD500 isnt directed to basspalyers while M13 is has some basseffects (Hd500 have them too i know) but the M13 seems more bass friendly. Since the HD500 doesn't have any bassamp patches it seems only for guitarists if you understand how im thinking. To sum up. If there any new effects added to the m13 thats suits bassplayers. Will they also be added to the HD500?

Re: Question about the m9 and HD500
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2011-04-11 06:34:35.3380

If you take a look through the forum, there is a pending release of new POD HD firmware with a lot of more extras in it.  Extras that aren't compatible with what the M9 or M13 can do.  So there will be more available in future updates for the POD HD than what would be available in the M13.

Please specify the precise bass specific effects that are available in the M13 that are not included in the HD500, I'm curious to know what you specifically need from the M13 that's missing from the HD500.

I have just gone all the way through the model gallery for both devices and they both have the same effects.  Please let me know what is missing from the HD500 and what page in the model gallery it's on.



Re: Question about the m9 and HD500
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2011-04-11 06:36:57.5050

The M13 has been around for a while now, while the HD500 is still evolving, I would suspect there will be more models going into the POD HD than into the M13.  So, it might be best to ask if new models that appear in the POD HD will trickle down to the M13.



Re: Question about the m9 and HD500
by tommasi on 2011-04-11 09:16:24.9450

If the M9/M13 get any bass-specific stuff, the HD will probably get that as well, though they really are 2 different products and it can't be known for certain.

The M9 is just a little M13, and while awesome (I have one),  it falls a short of the HD500 features. The M13, on the other hand, is a great unit if you're "pedalboard inclined" -- more so than the HD500. With the M13 you have 12 effects readily available (though only 4 can be run together),  whereas with the Hd500 you'd get 5 or 6 assuming you don't run into the DSP limit (which you won't if you don't use amp simulation). Obviously, you can still change patch on an HD, but in order to get all the available combinations promptly available as on the M13 it'd be tricky. Also the M-series is great for "live" tweaking, which is important to some people.

The greatest discriminator however are the main HD features: will you need an amp simulator? If this is the case, the HD is the way to go. If you don't, I'd personally go the M-way.

Re: Question about the m9 and HD500
by K_Freiholtz on 2011-04-11 11:30:57.8270

I will try to explain how i mean. Im mainly a basspalyer and have always use standalone effects since i owned a cheap zoom multieffect and got sick of multieffects. I had a rather complexed setup with rickosound but its a hassle to move around and patchcable that fail and powersupplys and so one. So im looking to downsize dramaticly. My original plan was to use my old Aguilar Tonehammer with an M9 or a pod HD500. But I would really like to use the POD since its ONE pedal, ONE powersupply, ONE Case. You see where im going with this?

The pod HD500 is directed to guitarists since it doesnt have any bass amp simulators. It does however have some basseffects.

The M9/13 does have amp sims so it doesnt reject bassplayers in the same way.

Like you say Crusty they have the same effects but do you understand how i mean when im saying that the HD500 rejects bassplayers in a way that the M-series doesn't if you disregards the effects.

Thats why im worried that the PODs maybee wont get the same bass-updates since they are directed to guitarists primarely. But i may be wrong and maybe its like you say that the PODs are new and may be upgraded more.

Im looking at the 500 instead of the 300/400 since you can split the signal chain and that would work great for guitaroriented ODs i think.

My original post was acutally directed to the Line6 developers but i couldnt find anyway to send a message to them directly so i posted it here.

To answer your question Tommasi i need an preamp and would like to have everything in one pedal thats why i want the POD HD500. And the option to split signals to use ODs better. Otherwise i think the m9 does it for me.

Re: Question about the m9 and HD500
by tommasi on 2011-04-11 12:01:07.4960

Well, the HD has everythhing the M9 has except for a handful (I think it's 6) of the more exotic effects. Also, contrary to what happened with the X3, I could not hear a difference in quality between the effects in the two units. However, at the moment the amp sims, with the exceptionof the bassman, will be mostly useless for bass, and I'd even be concerned about input clipping, which I haven't experienced, but others have with a guitar, and could be more prominent with a bass.

For the moment, you have no specific reason to choose the HD, but it is true, as crusty said, that it has essentially everything the M9 has -- well, save foor true bypass and a couple of other things. Just out of curiosity, have you checked out the X3? I'm sure it can be had for VERY cheap these days (being the "old" generation), and it features a lot of goodies for bass!  Less flexibility with effects, though.

Re: Question about the m9 and HD500
by K_Freiholtz on 2011-04-11 13:36:56.1390

When you say input clipping do you mean like it cut out bass frenquencies like standalone guitarpedals sometimes do?

I have looked inte the X3 live but i figurde the effects in M9 and POD HD is superior.

Re: Question about the m9 and HD500
by K_Freiholtz on 2011-04-11 13:44:04.9850

Is there anyway to contact Line6 techs?

Re: Question about the m9 and HD500
by silverhead on 2011-04-11 14:08:10.0670

Asking questions in this forum, as you've done, is one way to contact Line 6 techs. Another way is to call the number you'll find under the Contact Us button at the foot of this page.

The thing to understand is that the Line 6 techs generally don't manually peruse the forums; they use an internal priority flagging system based on an automated 'status' of the question. You'll find the question status at the very top of the question alongside the point  stars.

As far as I understand it (I don't think this info is documented), the system flags questions with status = Not Answered as the highest priority. Every time a community member replies to a question the system changes the status to, for instance, Possibly Answered. When the original poster replies back, the status changes again to Not Answered. So to keep this question near the top of the priority list make sure you are always the most recent respondent (in other words you should reply to this when you read it). If you look at the staus right now it is probably something other than Not Answered. Check it again after you've responded to me. Once the question has been answered to your satisfaction you manually mark it as Answered, and assign whatever points you want to the respondents.

Re: Question about the m9 and HD500
by K_Freiholtz on 2011-04-12 00:44:02.6380

Thanks for that info. Then i will be posting my biggest concerns again.

Do the HD500 have some input clipping that cut out bass frenquencies like standalone guitarpedals sometimes do?

If there any new effects added to the m13 thats suits bassplayers. Will they also be added to the HD500?

Re: Question about the m9 and HD500
by dylantan on 2011-04-12 05:22:27.1830

I have learnt and it has worked very well for me - to download the manuals or guides *** and *** use Adobe Reader's Find tool to look for say "bass" and there will be all the answers to my questions. From there I will have some ideas to form up my purchasing decision. Users and experts help here are valuable but more often than not, not necessary according to the things we want to do with the product(s).

Re: Question about the m9 and HD500
by litesnsirens on 2011-04-12 05:59:33.3910

Except in this case where one of the main questions is whether or not the POD HD500 will receive any updates to effects that the M9/M13 receives.  Since that is a guess at best it's certainly not going to be in the manual.  Also the fact that the HD500 is designed for guitar, his concerns regarding use for bass isn't going to turn up much other than perhaps that one of the models used is a Fender Bassman and that there is a Bass control for most of the amp models and on a lot of the effects.

I would completely agree that for most questions your method is going to yield good results.  However I have found though that in a lot of the cases manuals tend to use terminology that is expected to be understood by the reader but it isn't always the case.  Just a quick example the M13 uses "scenes" as opposed to the HD500's "presets".  Cubase uses "hitpoints"  Logic uses "transients".  So the jargon can get a little confusing. Sometimes people just need questions answered in language that they understand.

As far as the original question regarding effects updates, I would fully expect that since the HD series uses M-class effects, and that the 500 has all of the effects that the M9/M13 has, any effects updates to either unit will parallel each other.  That said, as much as I would expect it, it's fully in the hands of Line6 whether or not they do it.

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