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TB12 Transmitter & G90 Relay
by Mystyxx on 2011-04-11 15:03:59.9390


     I purchaced the G90 System about 1 month ago, I am having problems with it cutting out on me. I changed the cable, have antenna's at 90 degree angles (match the little imprint on the unit) Have the terminators in the antenna outputs not in use, fresh batteries and it happens at different distances from the unit. For what I spent on this wireless I was expecting professional quality. As of now my old beat up AKG was more reliable.  Please help

Thank you for your time

Michael Klonowski

Re: TB12 Transmitter & G90 Relay
by Mystyxx on 2011-04-11 15:08:15.1270

In addition, I read the other help in this forum and tried every suggestion posted. When It cuts out the meter on the G90 goes Red for a second or 2 until it cuts back in. Hope this helps a little more.

Re: TB12 Transmitter & G90 Relay
by dboomer on 2011-04-12 13:38:45.7130

How long do the batteries last?

Re: TB12 Transmitter & G90 Relay
by Mystyxx on 2011-04-13 13:51:10.7250

Thank you for replying dboomer,

      The batteries I always change before a show, I usually get at least 2 - 4 hrs of practice afterwards out of them so I would approximate 6 - 8 hrs use.  I have never had the batteries go out on me before I change them.

The TB12 never shows red, its the 3 meter indicators on the G90 that go red (all 3) until it cuts back on.

I tried the tuner out as suggested by another thread. When I did that It was noisy, It was not a clear sound like the regular 1/4 out. Haven't had time to get a xlr to 1/4 to try that out yet.

When I play out it is always on my strap, I have  tried the straight cable that came with the unit and I bought a angle mini to 1/4, had the problem with both at times.

The G90 is mounted in a 4 rack skb ABS plastic case, antennas touch no metal. But I do have my AMP a GBE750 ( 2 spaces) on the bottom, I put my Furman power conditioner above the amp (1 space) and I mounted the G90 in the top space ( 1 space) .

Re: TB12 Transmitter & G90 Relay
by Mystyxx on 2011-04-13 13:53:43.7850

Just a little more info, the main reason I spent the extra on the G90 was to get the rack mount for easier use and protection.

Thank you for your time

Re: TB12 Transmitter & G90 Relay
by dboomer on 2011-04-13 17:14:56.0960

Do you have the antennas switched to the front pair (C&D)?

Re: TB12 Transmitter & G90 Relay
by Mystyxx on 2011-04-14 19:13:49.3790


     Transmitter is on C&D antenna and ant out off. ( have played at least 3 gigs with it since purchased, usually the cutting out only happened while practicing at home at first so I didn't give it much thought. Figured I was bumping the TBP12. The last gig I played it happened twice while I know for sure It wasn't getting bumped, It was on my strap and I was up by the mic on a fairly larger area on the stage. This is what caused me to search here.

     I have been playing with it here, When I mentioned the G90 red lights. When it goes out it acts the same as when I initially turn on the TBP12 or if I have the TBP12 on and open the battery compartment.   When playing and it happens it goes black, then RF  Led's come on red the it kicks back on. Could it be a loose connection in the TBP12 causing this? I did get it to play clear and noiseless through the tuner out of the G90 but haven't played with it enough to cause the problem to occur.

Re: TB12 Transmitter & G90 Relay
by dboomer on 2011-04-15 09:30:49.1750

My best guess is that you are having an issue with the batteries becoming disconnected in the Transmitter.  Actually there is a circuit in the transmitter that will hold the power for a very short disconnect but you must have a bigger problem.  If you can get another transmitter and test to see if you have the same problem ... or ... you can send it to us to test and measure  818.575.3600

Re: TB12 Transmitter & G90 Relay
by Mystyxx on 2013-03-16 08:10:57.8060

when I bought my G90, Sometimes it would work great, then it would just cut out on me other times, With mine I noticed when I changed the batteried i would have to tap the TPB 12 sometimed to get one or both to come out. I found a small star tip driver, loosened the screws on the back of the TPB 12 just enough to where the batteries can slide easily, then noticed no more drop outs. could be luck but I am thinking when I played there is just enough rattle in the battery door that if the batteries themself do not move freely, I was loosing the connection for a split second and it was causing my relay to cut out and back in.

Thanks for your earlier help dlboomer,

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