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No activated applications.
by XeonEx on 2011-04-12 05:00:40.4720

Good day.

I have purchased Toneport KB37 and Toneport GX.
On the computer I have a good working Toneport GX, and on this I use the KB37 only as a MIDI keyboard.

I contacted you earlier and wrote about the fact that the sound from the KB37 does not play.

But I found that Monkey is not shown as included in the default software.

While with the GX is no such problem, and activated my keys are stored on this site.

Re: No activated applications.
by Triryche on 2011-04-12 13:25:10.2730

Not 100% sure what you are asking.

But if you mark your post as a question it will get the attention of an official Line6 rep.

So you might try a new post.

But just so you know, the Monkey indeed should be able to authorize your KB37.

You will not be able to use the KB37 and the GX at the same time on a PC.

Also, the KB37 keyboard itself does not produce sound, the MIDI needs to be routed to some hardwae and or software to produce audio (Like Reason Adapted)

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