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FBV Shortboard - Pod Options
by atkinsm1 on 2011-04-12 05:08:55.7710


Following various ebay purchases, my current live set-up is a Spider III 75W Head into a Line 6 Cab.  I have a FBV Shortboard that I only use to change the channels on the head, and had an analogue pedal board that I built myself made up of various pedals I've acquired over the years.  While I love the flex the pedal board gives me, it's temperamental, and prone to problems, so I'm looking at moving to a fully digital set-up.

My question is, is there a Line 6 product that I can insert between the Shortboard and the Head that I can control from the board, that can give me a selection of tone choices (chorus, delay, boost,  octave, reverb), and that is reliable in live situations?

Many Thanks

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