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VETTA II 2 x 12
by mbutler121176 on 2009-04-25 06:14:37.1920

Has anyonelse notice that the CAT 5 cable on the back of the VETTA II is not very snug fit.When I am playing my lights on my pedalboard blink and screw up, and get all funky on me while playing. Then I have to goto the back of the amp or the front of the pedal and wiggle the CAT 5 Cable.I have 2 LINE 6 cables, they both are not snug fits.Has this been improved?Cause it looks like I may need another cable or something.This is  ridiculus, How much I spent and how awesome the amp is, but when I am jamming ,in my band,It screws up at least once (usually more) a night.Has this been looked into?I am a big supporter of Line 6 gear and would like to know if this has been addressed ,being addressed, or recommendations or solutions to fix it?? With out carryng a pack of matches to hold it in place.


Re: VETTA II 2 x 12
by candreasffm on 2009-05-03 08:04:25.3990

Sorry, never heared about this problem.

Are the 2 cables are fully complete (containing the easy breakable lockers)? Does the problem just exist on the Vetta side, not on the Shortboard side?

Maybe the female connector inside the Vetta is broken? Can you easy pull the plug out or is the plug just groggy?

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