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POD Farm 2 MIDI Learn within Pro Tools
by microstudio on 2011-04-13 07:34:15.4310

POD Farm 2 MIDI Learn within Pro Tools?

I have searched and found videos that show how this works in Live & Reaper but I can not find any info on how or if this works in Pro Tools.

I would like to use a FVB floor control in Pro Tools controlling Pod Farm 2 and some functions in PT can this be done.

PS: I can't beleive they did not make a video for how to do this in PT yet.

Thanks for your time.

RE: POD Farm 2 MIDI Learn within Pro Tools
by Line6Don on 2011-04-14 09:32:53.3980

Hey microstudio,

For assistance programming your FBV controller for use with Pro Tools, please try and contact Avid to obtain a MIDI CC Reference chart. Once you have the MIDI CC information for Pro Tools, you will be able to Use the Line 6 FBV control software to configure the FBV controller to use the custom CC's with Pro Tools.

I hope this helps.

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