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Bypass toggle help?
by jeffgerosky on 2011-04-16 15:22:50.9830

Hi all - I have a FilterPro in a midi controlled loop switching system (DMC/Voodoo Labs GCX with Ground Control Pro floorboard). 

I DO NOT have a midi controller assigned to the FilterPro's bypass function (obviously, I don't need to, I switch it in and out of the signal path with the GCX) - HOWEVER:  sometimes the very act of changing programs via my MIDI floorboard puts the FilterPro into bypass mode and I have to send the program change again to engage the effect. 

I see in the FAQ that this dance will be necessary IF I have the bypass assigned to a midi CC, but I don't - why is it doing this?  Is there any way around this problem? 

Thanks in advance!

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