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problem with Variax 600
by guitfiddleblue on 2011-04-21 05:07:41.3210

Hi guys,

I was practicing with my praise band last night and ran into a problem. I have a setting where the guitar is capo'ed down a full step (which the song required) - then the song required reqular tuning. When I went to the regular tuning setting, which I just switched the guitar knob for (custom to tele) it stayed in the previous tuning/setting. Any ideas what is up with that? Is there any way I can fix it (hopefully simple)?


RE: problem with Variax 600
by Line6david on 2011-04-22 14:20:42.8770


It sounds like the settings might have been accidentally changed in Workbench.

Do all of the models sound capoed?



Line 6 Customer Support

Re: RE: problem with Variax 600
by guitfiddleblue on 2011-04-23 12:01:17.5100

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. When I brought the guitar home it worked fine... not sure if this was a snafu or what? Any other thoughts? I appreciate your help.



Re: RE: problem with Variax 600
by amx05462 on 2011-04-23 12:05:06.8920

old  switches  ocasionally  need  a cleaning  try  some  contact  cleaner  on the  switches.  wouldnt  hurt to do the  pots  while your  at  it.

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