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Spider Jam Bug Report and Tips to 'SURVIVE
by johnjohansson on 2011-04-22 11:37:59.4620


  1. 2 GB Sandisk SD Card causes system to re-cycle power(rudely) when there is no 'saved' recordings on card and you look for a saved recording.
  2. Won't record bass guitar with drums only track(or will it) after a while of using 'recording control' on amp.
  3. Won't record anything after 'a while' of recording on amp.
  4. Have to change FBV MKII to recording control every single time.  Won't save setting when powered off.
  5. The WAV files stored on a ZOOM Handy Recorder won't transfer to LINE 6 nor can be played from SD Card slot.  Reset's amp when tried, 'rudely again'.

TIPS:  The only ones you need to know

Factory reset 'WILL' bring the amp back and recording can begin again.

Don't bother saving your settings and presets.  Amp will 'bug out and you'll lose 'everything'

In fact don't bother using the SD Card.

RE: Spider Jam Bug Report and Tips to 'SURVIVE
by Line6david on 2011-04-29 16:49:32.9030


I have seen issues like the ones you are describing happen when using an incompatible or improperly formatted SD card.

Have you formatted the card to FAT16?

You can format your card by right clicking it in My Computer and selecting "Format"

Also, have you tried a different SD Card with the Spider Jam?



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