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Pod Farm 2 won't stay licensed...
by mrpoole on 2011-04-24 09:00:28.8180

i bought pod studio. it came with a free upgrade to pod farm 2. i had been running the free pod farm from the give away last year which is licensed via my ilok. everytime i come back to a session that i have used pod farm 2 on, i get a message that says

"Pod Farm detected a iLok connected to your computer, but a POD Farm 2 license was not found on the device. POD Farm Delays will not process audio. You must purchase a POD Farm 2 license for your iLok at the Line 6 online store."

i got pod farm 2 as a FREE upgrade when i bought pod studio. I have never been given an option to download a pod farm 2 license. How do i get my pod farm 2 license?


RE: Pod Farm 2 won't stay licensed...
by Line6Don on 2011-04-25 11:11:21.1860

Hey mrpoole,

The error is happening because you have two different devices connected to the computer, with two different licenses on each.

To use POD Farm 2, you will need to have only the UX1 connected to the computer.

To use POD Farm 1.12, you will need to have only the iLok key connected to your USB port.

You cannot have both of them connected to the computer at the same time, it is creating a licensing conflict.

The license it was referring to was purchasing a POD Farm 2 plugin for the iLok. You will only need to purchase this license if you plan on using the POD Farm 2 software as plugin within a DAW.

I hope this helps.

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