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POD X3 Pro user converting to POD HD500
by Winzlo on 2011-04-24 15:52:14.5630

One of the features of the POD X3 Pro that I absolutely loved was the ability to configure each set of outputs (XLR and 1/4") independently, so that XLR would get the full modeling but 1/4" would feed a stage guitar amp.  This is how my live rig has been set up for years.  Along those lines, I was also able to configure the master volume to only affect the 1/4" outputs, leaving the XLR outputs at unity.

Is this something the POD HD500 is capable of doing?  How would I use the POD HD500 in a live rig to provide the "correct" sound to both the PA (XLR) and my stage amp (1/4")?

Re: POD X3 Pro user converting to POD HD500
by timowens on 2011-04-24 21:21:33.0370

Unfortunately the answer to both questions is no. As far as setting the !/4" outs for amp input and the XLR for Studio Direct, you can setup a dual amp configuration and pan them left an right to do this but that would eat up a lot of resources and if you use a lot of effects it might not be a suitable work-around. As for being able to set the Master Volume to control only the 1/4" outs, that is a feature I really miss, someone said (I don't remember who) that this is a hardware limitation in the HD500 so it can't be fixed in a future firmware update, I don't know if this is true but if it is that would be a shame because that was a really nice feature.

Re: POD X3 Pro user converting to POD HD500
by Winzlo on 2011-04-24 21:40:28.4090

Thanks for the update!  Disappointing, but I was able to use the 4 cable method to my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and get a good tone that way, so I guess I'll just have to keep the mic on the amp until the band goes 100% in-ear monitors and I can run direct without any stage amp to act as a monitor.

Re: POD X3 Pro user converting to POD HD500
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-04-25 02:09:06.8390


I don't know if this will help at all.   I don't know whether or not the HD500 will ever be able to handle dual outputs in the way that the X3 Live could.  Hopefully at a point some time with a future HD500 firmware update it will be possible, but for now it isn't.

I tend to mic my cab up live in the old fashioned way, but I have spent some time looking into ways around the problem you have where you want to go direct and have had some near 'eureka' moments only to find that what i thought had worked didn't quite do it.

The issue appears to be related to the output mode and cab modelling elements in the HD500.   Obviously for the output to PA you need the HD500 to output in Studio/Direct mode but with suitable cab modelling switched on, but for an on-stage guitar amp (stack or combo) you ideally need Stack Pwr Amp or Combo Pwr amp as the output mode (or Stack front/Combo Front if you have no FX loop or power amp input in your amp - I much prefer going in via the power amp) and you may find that having Cab modelling turned off works better for you when going in to an on-stage amp.

I've messed about with using the FX Loop output at the end of the signal chain in the HD500 to achieve a Studio/Direct equivalent output, which almost works except cab modelling is applied as well as apparently the Output Mode by this point in the signal chain.

You can take the approach that compromise is as good as you'll get if you wish and you can set the HD500 up voiced for your on-stage amp and then try your best to make fairly heavy use of EQ on the mixing desk to 'tune' the PA sound as closely as possible, but it doesn't quite match in my experience.

You might be able to take a DI out from your on-stage amp if its DI output is derived from a 'tap' onto the amp's output transformer - this may be pretty good as it is with a Line 6 DT50 or a Spider Valve MkII with its DI output mode set to Performance - the DT50 ignores the POD's Master Volume control if connected by L6 Link, but other amps will respond to the HD500's Master Volume.

Assuming you can't take a DI output directly from your amp and the HD500 'compromise' method isn't good enough or you don't want to put a mic in front of your cab, what can you do?

Well - I have found that using an inexpensive external DI box with switchable speaker cab emulation (admittedly it is just speaker cab emulation on or off) and with the ability to accept speaker level outputs without seriously impacting on the impedance load of an attached speaker does work pretty well.  So, using such a DI box you can set your HD500 up exactly as you want for your on-stage amp and either just connect the DI box to the speaker output socket on the amp and then connect your amp's speaker to the speaker 'thru' socket on the DI box which will then provide a speaker cab emulated version of exactly what your amp is 'hearing' for your PA (or not - depending on the position of the cab emulation On/Off switch on the DI box); or you can add an FX Loop to your HD500 signal chain, turn its mix level down to 0% and simply take a feed from there into the DI box, turn speaker cab emulation ON on the DI box and leave it turned off (or ON) in the HD500 for the on-stage amp (I would leave it turned OFF personally if using a standard valve based guitar amp and standard real speaker cab).

The DI box solution that I found works pretty well is the Behringer Ultra -G GI100.  It's not 100% as flexible as the speaker cab emulations in the HD500 are, but it does do cab emulation pretty well and is probably the best DI solution for not much money that will work in tandem with the HD500 to allow you to have the separate output voicings you need.  I got mine from Thomman and the cost was something like £22.00 GBP back in February 2011.   There are other brands available which do the speaker emulation thing too I believe such as the Hughes and Kettner Red Box Pro or Palmer PDI-09 however I don't have any direct experience of either of those.

If connecting a DI box to your speaker output sockets, then you will find that the amp's Master Volume will affect the level going to the PA as will the Master Volume on the HD500, but if you were to go from the HD500 FX send socket, neither the HD500 Master Volume or the amp Master Volume would affect the level of the signal going to the PA.

Just an option that might be worth considering.



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