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"pod edit" resets my input source
by yankeedudlizz on 2011-04-25 21:59:57.7820

hi there. I've got some problem with "pod edit" software.

I need to use my guitar and mic at the same time to make some loops so I plug both of them into my pod hd500 and select proper inputs (guitar and mic) in setup. everything seems to work fine until I launch "pod edit" which is always resetting these settings to default "input 1 - guitar+aux+variax, input 2 - the same". it is inconvenient to switch these settings manually every time.

how can I set up pod edit to remember my prefered settings for this?

RE: "pod edit" resets my input source
by Line6Don on 2011-04-27 16:27:36.0210

Hey yankeedudlizz,

I have tested this, and encountered the same issue you have. Although, if I noticed that if I was using a User setlist and saved the preset first, when I launched Edit, it would open the current setlist by default. All of the presets would default to input 1 - guitar and input 2 - mic, until I switched to any of the factory Setlists. After switching to a factory setlist, every preset after that would be input 1 - guitarauxvariax, input 2 - the same no matter what.

I am going to document this is escalate it to the proper departments for a resolution.

In the mean time, try saving the patch to a User setlist first before loading Edit, and try not to load a factory setlist.

I hope this helps.

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