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One failed XD-V70HS "out of the box"
by DanCornett on 2011-04-27 06:49:01.5070

Just for the record:  Of the 12 XD-V70 systems I recently received, one of them (an "HS" package) had a bad receiver.  I have since (& quickly) received a replacement which works just fine.  (FYI: purchase and replacement was through Sweetwater; great service!)

However, I thought the symptoms of the bad receiver were interesting and worth noting in case others might run into a similar situation.

The 'bad' receiver powered on just fine, and looked like all the others from the LCD screen, and all the setup screens seemed to function just fine.  However, when a transmitter (of either type: handheld or bodypak) was set to the channel of that receiver, the receiver never 'recognized' that a transmitter was on; no lights 'lit up'.  Didn't matter what channel was used. (Having other transmitters and receivers which *did* work made it easy to verify that it was just this receiver unit.)

The one visible 'behavior' which was distinctly different (other than never recognizing a transmitter) was in holding the "Select" button in while powering-on the unit.  This is supposed to show the version number of the internal software -- which it did.  However, on this (bad) unit all of the LEDs 'lit up' ... and stayed on -- no matter what -- until the power was turned off again.  This does not happen with a 'normal' XD-V70 receiver (the LEDs go off rather quickly).

Just thought y'all like to know ...

Re: One failed XD-V70HS "out of the box"
by dboomer on 2011-04-27 11:03:13.4020

Hi Dan

Sorry you got a defective unit ... but thanks for the info.

So you know, each and every transmitter and receiver goes through a very thorough computerized testing process in which all functions are tested and all frequencies and power levels are measured to insure quality.  However sometimes electronics suffer from "infant mortality syndrome" in which case components can either fail or go way off spec.  This usually happens in the first 10 hours of operation.  Sounds like what happened here.

I can tell you that our failure rate with wireless is well less than 1 in a thousand which is WAY better than the industry standard of about 1 or 2 in a hundred.

Re: One failed XD-V70HS "out of the box"
by DanCornett on 2011-04-28 09:55:25.6490

I did not mean to imply that the failure rate was anywhere close to 1 out of 12!   I really was only wanting to pass on the symptoms which clearly indicated that this particular receiver was not functioning correctly -- in case it would help anyone else who might run into that particular mode of failure of a receiver.

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