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FX Feature request for Pod X3 Live...
by ckonefke on 2011-05-01 10:16:20.5410


I've been using the X3 Live for a while and it does a good job for most situations.  I like the upgrade with 2.0, but there's still an effect that I need, and I believe it could do, but is not included in the current firmware.

I have a few songs that require a delayed pitch change.  Currently, I have to use a midiverb in the FX loop to get the job done, which is a pain for gigs.  It seems like the X3 has the hardware required to do by itself.  You have delays with limited modulation, and you have pitch change (harmonizer) with no delay.  Just need to combine the two into a single effect.

On the midiverb there are two.  "STEREOPITCH SHFT", and "PITCH:PITCH".  The difference is subtle, but basically, when they get an input they delay for a set time up to 250ms and then play the harmonized output (+/- octave).  Then there's a feedback setting that will then delay and harmonize again.  What you get is for each note a climing set of notes.  I need this for several songs to provide a very thick open chords, or almost fugue like flat picking.  It would be great to have that on board the X3.

Here are the settings for the Midiverb.  Perhaps, you could do something similar.

Let me know if this would be considered for a future update.


Cliff Konefke

Re: FX Feature request for Pod X3 Live...
by ckonefke on 2011-05-01 10:19:35.8600

Sorry, I guess it didn't copy the picture that I pasted in.  I'll attach it here.

I hope this is the place to add a feature request, I couldn't find any specific place.

Thanks again,

Cliff Konefke


Re: FX Feature request for Pod X3 Live...
by silverhead on 2011-05-01 10:28:44.1700

Here's where you should make an official feature request:

Note that the X3 Live is no longer in production. While there may be future maintenance firmware releases I doubt that there will be additional features added. But no harm in asking.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.