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Changing switches? and pots?
by toasterdude on 2011-05-02 05:43:00.6920

I am digging dual tones but hating having both mags and models contolled via the same switch. Just a royal PIA when dialing in patches.

Since I plan on doing xplants and way. Can I use a standard 5 way or a 5 way from a vax 500 top change models? Then I can get a stew mac 6 way for switching P Rails. Hmmm. . . .I have triple shots so that may not work. Will have to dig some more. . .

I would no longer need the push pull tuning knob but assume I could use the pus pull to switch something else?

I would also love to try a tone styler tone pot and know that will not work with the models, but I rarely use the tone knob with the models and can set that in my patches etc. If I just leave the leads that go to model tone pot disconnected I assume I can still change tone settings in software?

Re: Changing switches? and pots?
by pappywatts on 2011-05-02 05:53:49.5880

I seem to remember that there's a variax user forum, external to Line 6, which has two transplant gurus, Jeff Miller, and MidiRose.

Who between them have built every variation into  quite a few versions, with all kinds of switching arrangements....

Definitely worth a look......{ Teleplayer is Jeff Miller}

This one does

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