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HD400 Wah/Vol pedal problem!!!
by jackalope123 on 2011-05-02 19:33:38.1810

Im having a problem with the vol pedal on my Pod HD400. It only works less than a quarter up from the down position. I have calibrated and recalibrated but still the same. The "value" numbers do show that it has full range but no luck with the sound.

Tried calibration

Tried different banks/channles

I plugged in a second pedal and it works perfectly with a full down to up range.

Please Help!!!

Re: HD400 Wah/Vol pedal problem!!!
by drschultz on 2011-05-02 21:09:02.7740

Just covering the basics here.  Have you updated the firmware to the latested version?  Should be at 1.20.  After the firmware update did you perform a factory reset?  Once you have done these two you then calibrate the pedal.

Factory reset video

Calibrate the pedal video

Make sure you have done these and in the order listed.

I hope this helps.  Good luck!


Re: HD400 Wah/Vol pedal problem!!!
by jackalope123 on 2011-05-04 00:34:17.8700

Thanks for the reply.

I am up to date, running 1.20. Then I tried to calibrate. But no luck.

Re: HD400 Wah/Vol pedal problem!!!
by silverhead on 2011-05-04 09:52:44.5780

Again, just covering the obvious but easy to overlook......

The pedal range is editable within each preset. Are you sure this is a general problem rather than normal behaviour within one or more presets you happoen to be using? Check your edit settings for the min/max range of the pedal. Make sure the specified range is the full 0% to 100%; otherwise, your pedal may simply be behaving within the range your preset is telling it to behave.

EDIT: Sorry - I just re-read your question again and I believe you specified that you have already checked this out. Still may be worth another look.

Re: HD400 Wah/Vol pedal problem!!!
by drschultz on 2011-05-04 13:45:42.0740

Hello, I just want to make sure.  Did you perform a factory reset AFTER the firmware update?  If you did not then I would reconmend doing so.



Re: HD400 Wah/Vol pedal problem!!!
by marcospinho on 2012-02-05 07:29:12.1320

Just to add a comment:

I was having the very same problems with the Wah. Then, I performed the factory reset and the calibration and everything is ok now.

Great piece of equipment.

P. Pinho

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