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Difference between Looping capabilties of the JM4 and DL4
by pielouka on 2011-05-05 05:19:00.8570

I play guitar and violin and am looking for a versatile, but realtively simple to use looper that I can use live, solo.

I was initially interested in the DL4 then became aware of the JM4.

I'm not especially interested in the modeler/effects capabilities.  My aim is to be able to have several instruments connected to the looper and be able to create loops and add to them on the fly with as much flexibility as possible.  I do like the JM4's ability to store and load user created files and I'd like to know, as far as the looping capabilities are concerned, if there's any disadvantages/limitations of the JM4 compared to the DL4.

Thanks for any help

Re: RE: Difference between Looping capabilties of the JM4 and DL4
by darealagentp on 2011-05-09 14:44:18.7380

I'm not sure that I'd use "disadvantage or limitation" as terms... I'd go with "differences".

The JM4 will provide a user up to 32+ minutes of total record time to work with. The DL4 is roughly a 14 second sound-on-sound looper.

The JM4 does require pre-meditated loop preparation, however. In other words, if you were to tap the "Record" button, you can begin recording a new loop. So far, so good. The minute to press "Stop" or "Play", you will have defined the length of the current active loop in the JM4's memory buffer. At this point, you can press "Play", then "Record" to begin layering addition overdub performances on top of the first recorded pass.

Now, if you suddenly decide you want to make a 2nd unrelated loop this is where you need to be aware of the JM4's capabilities. You'd have to stop the first loop. Then, manually hit the "Save" button. Use the scroll wheel to select "Save Recording". This is required to store the recording as a file in the JM4's internal memory for future access. Then, you'd have to press and hold "Undo" for 3-5 seconds to "clear the buffer". Now, the unit is ready for you to start recording a brand new loop.

After you've saved numerous loops in the manner I previously described, you can use the switches to scroll through all saved recordings internally and change the actively selected loop this way.

Just wanted to make sure you were aware of this.

If you're looking for something more "on the fly" that will let you access multiple loops and record new loops... you may wish to consider a software-based solution such as Ableton Live or maybe one of the Boss RC or Digitech Jam Man devices.

Our JM4 shines best as a practice tool, where you've saved multiple recordings into memory and wish to jam along and practice soloing over the top of those tracks.

Or, some artists load the internal memory with pre-edited backing tracks that were done on a recording program elsewhere, thus providing a "band in a box" for live shows.

Hope this info helps.

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