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JTV-59 broken Alt Tune Knob, could this be a case issue?
by defkaf on 2011-05-06 09:36:24.1870

Hey guys,

I've had my Cherry JTV-59 since early January. The pick-up selector was replaced by Line-6 right away, and I have been loving the guitar since then.

Last week I noticed that the Alt Tune knob seemed to "wobble" more than I remembered, and I needed to be more deliberate when pushing it to change models. While out playing it last night, I had to wrap my fingers around the back of the body, press the knob with my thumb, and wiggle the knob while pressing (hard) to get it to switch. I called Line-6 this morning, and again I am very satisfied with their response. They gave me an RMA number and are sending me a UPS label to return it.

I certainly have NO compaints about their service/customer relations. I also don't want to raise another round of panic about quality, or raise apprehension in those still waiting for their guitars. I have not seen anybody else mention this failure yet, so I don't expect it to be big issue. My concern is what caused the switch to fail.

I have been carrying only hard cases since my first "quality" guitar, a Martin I bought in 1972. For almost 25 years I have also been carrying various hard rack cases for my effects and tuner. To go with the JTV I bought an HD500, and a Gator bag to carry it in. I have really enjoyed the gig bag for the JTV and Gator bag for the HD500 because for the first time ever I can carry my guitar and "rig" in one hand.

Now my concern, I think the Alt Tune knob is probably the highest protrusion on the front of the JTV-59. I have never dropped or knocked over the guitar, so I'm starting to wonder if the gig bag doesn't offer enough protection against compression when the guitar is packed in with a bunch of other gear. If something is pressed against the front, once the foam is compressed, I think the Alt Tune knob is bearing the weight.

I'm thinking that when I get the guitar back this time I will need to find a hard case for it. Am I off base here? Anybody else see anything similar?


RE: JTV-59 broken Alt Tune Knob, could this be a case issue?
by Line6Hugo on 2011-05-10 12:37:26.1330


This is the only case where I have heard this problem come up. Unfortunately, I cannot speculate as to what may have contributed to the problem you are experiencing. The included gig bag does a great job of protecting the guitar, but if you are concerned about possible damage from being crushed with other gear, you should consider a hard case if you feel you need added protection than what a gig bag can offer.



Re: RE: JTV-59 broken Alt Tune Knob, could this be a case issue?
by defkaf on 2011-05-10 12:49:38.1250


Thanks for the reply.

UPS has the guitar and it's on it's way back. Don't know if anything will be obvious when you guys get a look at it.

I have not dropped the guitar, and have carried it out of the house probably only a dozen times, maybe four with a full load of amps, stands, and extra equipment that would pack the trunk tighter. So if this is the first failure of this type, maybe it's just my bad luck with an early switch failure.

When I get it back I probably will take it to a few stores to see what hard cases I can find to fit. Although the gig bag is light and handy to carry, so I'll just have to look around and consider options.

Again, thanks for the info.


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