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Spider III stop working
by navy11 on 2011-05-09 14:15:02.5270

Recently it came up with problem. On dIsplay where R names of the effects, appeared four black squares instead of a letters and amp is tottaly mute. Even diod lights R shut down. It's in some kind of state of coma or somethin. I tried procedure of factory reset by holding chan A button, but that is not helping. SOmetimes it just woke up and start working without reason I just keep it on for a while. And than after 15 minutes or more playing it stop working again at the same way. Its a twilight zone. If anyone can help me.

Re: Spider III stop working
by Jim_L on 2011-06-21 10:43:10.5450

the screens black boxes basically mean the amp has crapped out and the only fix is to send it to Line 6 for fixing.

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