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Dt 50 update seems to have deleted firmware
by merman_96 on 2011-05-11 01:42:33.4000

I replied to another post regarding this issue, but am hoping that creating my own post will speed up support response.  Just received my DT50 last night, and immediately registered and Began the firmware update. As update began, I received a prompt that the unit wasn't registered. I tried to comply but then received prompt the unit was already registered.  At that point line monkey no longer recognizes that DT 50 is connected, and I receive error message 800000A.  Dt 50 is now "bricked" essentially. It does not work. It does light up but cannot select topology, a/b , etc , no sound.  I double checked midi cables and interface. My hd 500 is recognized immediately, bu switching connection to dt 50 does nothing. Manually selecting midi ports etc, nothing. Connect back to hd 500 and it is again immediately recognized. Power off DT50 wait , tried again. Same results.  Basically it appears the unit has no firmware installed.

Re: Dt 50 update seems to have deleted firmware
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-05-11 06:19:15.9890

I'm sorry to hear that.

From your description it would appear that your amp lost MIDI communication with the computer and Monkey.  I don't know what MIDI interface you have, but the one that Line 6 often recommend is the M-Audio MidiSport UNO.

You should be able to re-flash your amp by starting over with a reliable MIDI interface and make sure that interface if it's a USB device, is connected directly to a USB 2.0 port and not via any kind of genereic USB hub.

Make sure you are using both MIDI In and MIDI Out cables to and from the amp from the Interface and that they are connected the right way round

Your DT50 does not have to be registered for you to update it.  You can simply close the message window



Re: Dt 50 update seems to have deleted firmware
by merman_96 on 2011-05-11 07:40:43.0190

Well, I have a tascam and a Roland and a motu, and throughout the night I took turns with them all. I may be wrong in this assumption, but every attempt had me connecting my hd500 via midi, not USB, and receiving a good connection, then changing cables from hd 500 to DT 50 with the midi in from interface to midi out on DT 50, midi out on interface to midi in on DT 50, each time the hd500 was recognized, the dt-50 was not. I was only explaining about the registration prompt as that is when the problems began. I attempted to update through out the night, and even when the dt 50 was not recognized, I attempted manual interface by selecting port and channel etc. I have no problem purchasing another midi interface if the three units I have some how are not adeQuate,  but as each time the hd 500 is immediately recognized , on every interface I have, I would be very dissaponted to spend money on an interface that I have no use for, if afterwards it is determined that the problem is not the interface. I appreciate the advice, and am just very frustrated as I doubt 3 midi interfaces that I regularly use with a myriad of gear will connect the hd500 but not the DT 50, although it is possible. I also see in the forum, that the only other poster with the exact same issue, same error code, using multiple interfaces, solution was to exchange the unit. Is there a hard reset for the DT 50, so that I can at least revert to previous firmware? At this point, I have never used the amp.

Re: Dt 50 update seems to have deleted firmware
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-05-11 10:21:18.9880

OK.  Thanks for the reply.

Your MIDI interfaces all look fine to me.  Line 6 do tend to recommend the M-Audio MidiSport UNO, but I have several MIDI  or audio/MIDI interfaces including Roland, M-Audio, Edirol, MOTU and Terratec and they all seem to do the job OK.  I was more concerned that you may have been using one of the cheap USB to MIDI interfaces which are obtainable from eBay, and whilst some of these are actually OK, some aren't.

The connection to the HD500 form a computer is by USB 2.0; flash updates are completed over this link - it is MIDI info I believe, but it isn't done via MIDI cables.

The HD500 will communicate with other devices via MIDI however.

Regarding a hardware reset for the DT50 - I'm not sure - I'll try and look into this.

I actually think you need one-to-one support on this from Customer Support.  You could call them using one of the numbers under the Contact Us link below or wait leaving this question unanswered and Customer Support should look in shortly.

Best regards


Re: Dt 50 update seems to have deleted firmware
by merman_96 on 2011-05-11 11:25:38.7540

Thanks for your time and responses. I will need to be patient and wait for support to contact me . Patience is not something I'm good with. Going up to my studio and seeing my nice new amp, and being unable to use it is extremely frustrating. If it were as easy as going to Guitar Center and picking up a $ 40.00 interface, I would have been there when they opened. Im confident that support has had to have experienced this before, and will have an easy fix, and I'll be as happy as a clam. Again, thanks for your help.

Re: Dt 50 update seems to have deleted firmware
by spaceatl on 2011-05-11 11:39:20.3160

hmmm....I was going to suggest opening the Monkey and Logging out of Line 6...Not sure if that would help this...Sounds like you have tried everything else I can think of...Not sure if there is a Safe Mode for the DT50 or not...

Re: Dt 50 update seems to have deleted firmware
by merman_96 on 2011-05-11 19:13:50.7250

Thanks anyway. I have tried a few other options to o avail. A friend brought over his pc laptop and m audio interface. I considered the rather unlikely possibility it was a Mac thing, but I still have no communication coming from the dt 50. A midi monitor app shows the message traffic has only traveled one direction. The line 6 monkey never receives the sys ex data back from DT 50, so never recognizes . Yet same cables, same interface, receives /recognizes HD 500 immediately. I attempted downloading file first, no luck. Tried using Sys exclusive app to and firmware directly, nothing. Just waiting 72 hours for support to respond. It would be nice to have an easy fix from support, but all of my troubleshooting experience tells me that UPS is gonna be hating me when they have to lug this back on the truck.

Re: Dt 50 update seems to have deleted firmware
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-05-12 06:11:25.2940

It looks like your amp is faulty and may even have been from the outset if the first thing you did was to update it without running a guitar into it first.

It's probably going to have to be returned somewhere to be fixed or replaced, but it might be worth giving Line 6 a call by phone to see what your options might be before doing that.  It seems you have tried everything possible to resolve the issue from your perspective.

Here's the contact numbers:

Line 6 - North America

Line 6, Inc.
26580 Agoura Road
Calabasas, CA 91302-1921

Main Phone#: (818) 575-3600
Main Fax#: (818) 575-3601

Line 6 - Europe

Line 6, Inc.
Clifton House
Butler's Leap
Rugby, Warwickshire
United Kingdom, CV21 3RQ

Telefone: +44 (0) 1788 566 566
Fax: +44 (0) 1788 566 529

For English only technical support please call +44 1788 566 555

I'd try and get a call in early and avoid the lunch-time break as that's when Customer Support gets quite busy with incoming calls.

The best of luck with this.  When you get a working amp, you will enjoy it I'm sure.



Re: Dt 50 update seems to have deleted firmware
by merman_96 on 2011-05-12 11:22:41.5080

Unfortunately , my work has a phone feature that kicks off all long distance calls after 45 minutes. I' got from caller 6 to 1 and then was disconnected.I did receive a message from a poster that line monkey for Mac was updated yesterday for minor bug repair. I will try again tonite, and should be getting closer to 72 hours for support to contact me. Thanks.

Re: Dt 50 update seems to have deleted firmware
by merman_96 on 2011-05-12 12:02:37.6370

Thanks for all of advice/assistance. just received an RMA from line 6, will be picked up tomorrow. I could have just returned it to AMS as it arrived DOA basically, but this way service can determine the issue, and maybe save others from  problem. Will post back when amp returns with any info they provide me with. Props to all of yall, and line 6 technical support/service for making it as easy s possible.

Re: Dt 50 update seems to have deleted firmware
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-05-12 13:56:24.2470

Well, obviously I'm sorry you've had the hassle, but on the other hand I'm glad Line 6 are looking after it for you.   They'll sort it out - no worries

Good luck



Re: Dt 50 update seems to have deleted firmware
by merman_96 on 2011-07-02 11:02:04.2940

Well, Its been several months, but I am finally happy to say this issue is resolved.

First, I have to give The highest praise to Line 6 Customer Support. I have been through three DT-50's, and am finally satisfied.

The first one arrived from Retailer, (American Music Supply) damaged by UPS.

Then retailer sent a second unit immediately. That arrived looking ok, but Died while updating to latest firmware on the day it arrived, (The Basis of this thread).

I spoke with Line 6, and they wanted the unit at Technical Support to see what the problem was.

Line 6 sent a Call tag, unit was picked up by UPS, and sent to Line 6. It arrived there not only unusable because of no firmware, but also had a hole in grill, (that wasn't there when I sent it).

Line 6 then updated the unit, repaired the grill cage, (at no charge to me) and returned it.

However, it arrived damaged by UPS again, with a crack in the frame. Again, the unit was returned to Line 6.

Finally, Line 6 sent me a third new unit, which arrived this week, in absolutely new condition.

None of these issues were the fault of Line 6 or the Retailer, or myself. So that leaves,.....Unkown Per-Sons ? (UPS )

Anyway, Line 6 has been great through all of this mess, and so was the original Retailer I bought the DT-50 from. In the end I am a VERY satisfied Line 6 customer, and I have been patient and decided to let it run its course,

and am so pleased with my new amp.

Thanks Soooo much to the people at Line 6 customer service.

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