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Antenna placement for XDR-955 (combiner/distribution system?)
by adessmith on 2011-05-16 07:43:13.9810

Does anyone know if there is an affordable antenna distribution system available which would be compatible with the XDR-955 rack mount receivers?

I do realize that the new version comes with antenna distribution built-in, but at this point its just too much money to upgrade.

I need to take 6 antennas from 3 recievers and combine them into one set if possible.

I have a rack with 3 XDR-955 receivers (6 antennas) and 4 Wireless IEM transmitters (4 antennas), and I'm worried about RF interferance between all of this.
I've got to figure out how to combine some of these, and figure out the best spacing for them... Currently I have to fiddle with the angles quite a bit to prevent dropouts or interference, but I think it has to do with my IEM antennas being too close to the microphone receiver antennas.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Do these X2 units perform well Rack mounted directly on top of each other? It looks to me like that would put the antennas too close together. Is this a problem? If I can just get my transmitters (for IEM) grouped together, and my recievers (for mics) grouped together, and then get some space inbetween them, should that be enough?

Also, any recomendations for recessing the antennas further?
The rack we are using will not allow us to close up the front without removing all the antennas because they stick out too far.

Re: Antenna placement for XDR-955 (combiner/distribution system?)
by dboomer on 2011-05-16 10:45:18.9880

I would suspect that a combiner system would likely run about $800 ... is that "affordable"?

Mounting the transmitter antennas from your IEMs in the same rack with your XDR955's is probably a bad idea.  It depends on how much output power your IEM transmitters have, how close you are and what frequency your IEMs transmit on.  Even yout remote antennas, the XDR receivers have a pair of internal antennas as well so the best thing would be to move your IEM transmitting antennas as far away as possible.

Re: Antenna placement for XDR-955 (combiner/distribution system?)
by adessmith on 2011-05-16 14:18:14.7800

Thanks for that bit of info.

Yeah, I've seen antenna combiners going close between $800 and $1k, which I'm assuming is typical for those products.

I guess when I say "affordable" I'm really asking if there are any decent combiners that cost considerably less than what the average one does.

Unless there is something out there for $200-$300, its probably out of my budget at the moment.

We use a dedicated monitor mixing console, which we bring in and connect to the "house system" anywhere we play.... It's a pretty slick setup because all of our gear is in this one cabinet. We just plug our instruments and microphones into jacks mounted in the bottom of our rack, it feeds to the monitor mixer in the rack, and it provides individual splits of each channel to the FOH system through a snake. There is also a rack mount drawer which has a laptop in it running some software for a click track and some backing instruments through ableton live.

So we can roll this in, run our snake to the FOH snake, and we have our in ear monitor mixes ready to go. We are now moving to wireless microphones... mainly to cut back on the number of cables we have to run, and they need to be mounted into this rack as well.

What I have done is mounted the equipment from the top to the bottom in the order we got it.... which has been one piece at a time as we got the cash.

I ended up with microphone and IEM antennas within 2" of each other... which I'm certain is causing a problem. I get some droputs on the IEM systems, and I can play with the positioning of the antennas and eventually rectify it.

I'm thinking If I just try to move all the IEM transmitters to the top, and the mic receivers to the bottom, that might solve my problems. Its an 18 space rack, so that will leave 13 spaces between them.

It wont look nice to have all that empty space inbetween (and this rack is on stage with us), but it hopefully will solve the problem.

But will it cause any problems to rack mount 3-XDR955 receivers that close to each other? That puts them less than 2" apart.

Re: Antenna placement for XDR-955 (combiner/distribution system?)
by DanCornett on 2011-05-17 10:50:01.1080

There should not be any problem with mounting the receiver adjacent to each other.  You just want as much physical distance as possible between the transmitter (IEM) antennas and the receiver (XDR) antennas.

A couple of other things to consider / think about ....

Would it be simpler to have a separate small rack for the XDR receivers and just run a small bundle to the mixer?

... or, alternatively, put IEM transmitters in separate small rack?

Are external antennas feasible for the XDR?  (i.e.: put on a mic stand several feet from the IEM transmitters).

Re: Antenna placement for XDR-955 (combiner/distribution system?)
by adessmith on 2011-05-19 06:07:48.1430

I think, if I was to go the remote antenna route, it would be better to remote the IEM transmitter antennas.
Apparently the XDR units also have internal antennas. If I left the XDR receivers in the same cabinet that the IEM antennas are mounted in, I wouldnt be totally seperating them.

I am REALLY trying to keep ALL of our gear in a single cabinet. We spent the extra cash for an 18 space cabinet in order to make sure there would be enough room to keep everything together for easy setup and transport... If I had to have a seperate cabinet for the IEM transmitters (or the microphone receivers), I'd really want a multipin disconnect between the two, and that would drive up the cost considerably.

When I get time, I've got to move some stuff around in the rack. I really think my problem is having transmitting and receiving antennas less than 2 inches from each other.

I'm hoping that, getting about 3 feet of seperation between them will solve the issue.

The IEM units opperate in the upper 600's freq range.

the XDR units opperate in the 900's...

so I would think there shouldnt be much interference between the two, given adequate physical seperation.

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