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JTV-69: Frets, fretboard and missing screw
by Sampo72 on 2011-05-17 23:04:56.8210

My Candy Apple Red finally arrived last Friday from Thomann.

After 8 months of waiting my fully paid guitar and multiples delays to "get things right (hang in there - you won't be disapointed)", I must say things did not get to be right and I was disapointed. Issues so far:

1) Tremolo screw missing. No, I did not find it from gig bag and it was not in plastic bags either

2) In my opinion fret ends are filed to wrong angle, there is too little space between fret end and e-string -- this causes e string to slip from fingerboard. I have 2 Tylers + 2 other guitars in home and I had opportunity to compare Variax to about 10 guitars in our rehearsal space. None of them had this problem. Also two other guitar players have noticed this problem. 

3) Fingerboard is brown under e and b strings and almost black under the rest. This is only cosmetical but it irritates me.

4) Battery charger box was opened (seal was unbroken but box was clearly damaged) so I put battery to guitar and there was enough juice to at least power the tuning and modeling knobs. If the battery was not charged as instructed in the manual first,  how will it affect its life?  

5) There was not any Tyler rounding in edges of fingerboard. No biggie, but I thought there was supposed to be that.

Other than that (and some disapointment in ghost notes and wobbling in alternate tunings) guitar was fine. And some model were glorious (I really liked semis and jazz boxs!).

But I need that screw ASAP. I am probably returnig the gutar because of the neck.

Thanks for listening,


Re: JTV-69: Frets, fretboard and missing screw
by Sampo72 on 2011-05-19 22:40:07.9410

Way to go Line6 !!!

Why do you even bother with these support forums and email addresses. I have received no reply here and no reply to my email I sent Monday.

I get it now; You just don't care.

Re: JTV-69: Frets, fretboard and missing screw
by Aappleyard on 2011-05-19 23:51:45.0120

There seem to be less and less posts as time goes by.

Dissapointed in all the guitars not meeting the specifications.

Re: JTV-69: Frets, fretboard and missing screw
by Rowbi on 2011-05-20 00:43:48.2520

hey chaps.

it's a pain when things don't arrive perfect, and of course it's your money so you need to be happy with something you buy

I buy from Thomann all the time, and if you're not happy then you can always call them and have the guitar returned, but hopefully you are happy enough with it to want to keep it.

just something that may help you... L6 wont see this thread unless you mark it as a question.  check this link (see number 5 at the bottom)



Re: JTV-69: Frets, fretboard and missing screw
by Sampo72 on 2011-05-20 00:54:59.6190

Thanks Rowbi -- I did not know that !! (I have apparently have to start new thread, I cannot edit this to question thread) ...

I've started to talk with Thomann about returning the guitar. I just can't live this feature -- there is so much potential of joy and enjoyment in this guitar,  but everytime I grab the guitar from stand the string slips under my palm. And then it happens when I apply vibrato to just about any note on e-string. And when I make barre chord and ... well, you get the picture -- it just kills the joy.  

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