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Can't authorise Pd Farm 2.5 on new PC in Licence manager
by chenderson1965 on 2011-05-18 01:39:29.0800

I changed my PC recently and on starting Pod Farm I get a message saying that a valid Pod Farm licence for my UX2 has been detected but it hasn't been authorised for this computer. It advises me to run Monkey which i did.

When I run Monkey it asked me to upgrade to version 4 which I did and I also upgarded Pod Farm to 2.5.

When I ran Pod Farm again it asked me to outhorise the software for this PC via the licence manager which i did successfully.

When I ran Pod Farm gain, however, it's still showing the software as not authorised. I checked in licence manager and that's definitely showing all the software authorised.

What can I do

Re: RE: Can't authorise Pd Farm 2.5 on new PC in Licence manager
by Line6Tony on 2011-05-18 15:09:37.7670

Hello. If this is happening with the UX2 connected, you likely need to run the License Manager again to either deauthorize/authorize the UX2, and/or install disabled Add-Ons (POD Farm 2) once the UX2 is authorized (there will be a button for this if true).

Please try and let us know the results.

Also, please be aware of this bit from our License Manager FAQ, which may or may not factor into your case:

Can I remove licenses from my Line 6 device or transfer them to a different Line 6 device?
Since your purchased licenses are attached to your account, and not your devices, using licenses on different Line 6 devices is only a matter of authorizing the devices.

NOTE: One exception is “Factory Add-Ons”. These are features that can only be used with the device it came with and cannot be removed from that device to be “shared” with your other Line 6 devices. For example, POD XT Live comes with an FX Junkie Add-On. After authorization, License Manager does not make that unit’s FX Junkie available to your other authorized devices.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.