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by hellraiser91 on 2011-05-19 00:00:53.4250

By mistake i clicked on the deathorization button of my add-on, and now i can't fix it! can anyone help me please?

Re: Deauthorization
by saosin83 on 2011-05-23 01:24:54.3490

I did the exact same thing yesterday

Re: Deauthorization
by saosin83 on 2011-05-23 23:30:32.3110


Re: Deauthorization
by hellraiser91 on 2011-05-24 13:37:48.7510

I've fixed u need help?

Re: Deauthorization
by saosin83 on 2011-05-24 15:10:22.4450

Yes please man! What did you do?

Re: Deauthorization
by hellraiser91 on 2011-05-24 21:30:40.0850

connect ur audio interface. open line 6 license manager. at the left side under devices, click on the name of ur interface. it's gonna ask u to remove ur add ons, do so, and then reauthorize them. very simple, but i though that if i deauthorized my add ons it's gonna remove them permanently! haha but it turned out i was wrong. hope this helped. cheers

Re: Deauthorization
by saosin83 on 2011-05-25 02:29:55.8000

Still didnt work, but after the first error (attached picture 3) then i click scan my devices (Line 6 Manager) and it then says its not authorized and there is a authorize (Picture 2) button that appears. Then i click it and get another error (Picture 1)

And all of this with my firewall and anti_virus software turned off!

Man this is so frustrating

Re: Deauthorization
by hellraiser91 on 2011-05-25 13:11:40.0850

I think u should reinstall the driver's updates, and the pod farm updates in line 6 monkey...

Re: Deauthorization
by saosin83 on 2011-05-30 05:30:20.7780

Ok...i have some good news, might help alotta ppl that are having the same issues i been having!

Im using Windows 7 64bit with Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

First of all turn off/deselect 'enable' on all the tabs in Kaspersky so that its protecting you from nothing.

Make sure Windows Fire is off. I found another Windows protection thing called 'Windows Defender' in the Control Panel, deselect the 2 options there!

Further more Go to your internet options and make '' a trusted site and make the security levels low as possible.

Ok cool, then open Line 6 License Manager and deauthorize your device (UX2 in my case) if you havent already. Now here is where most are getting stuck.

1: Uninstall everything line 6 except the license manager. Delete the Program files folder and My Documents folder.

2: Uninstall All USB drivers usign this help link

3: Restart Computer

4: Install Line 6 Monkey 1.40 (latest)

5: Re-install the USB Firmware (if it works then your on the right track, itll ask you to disconnect and reconnect)

6: Then Run License Manger again and 'Remove' Add-ons

7: Restart Computer

8: Run License Manager AGAIN!

9: Authorize Device (UX2)

10: Install Add-ons

11: Lastly Install Podfarm 2.02 (Dont move to 2.50 until its fixed by Line 6)

Then its working for me

Only thing im now battling with is, Presetes arnt working, i have to select an amp from the free amps (FX Junkie) and then it activates the distortion (WEIRD I KNOW) then select an amp from my metal pack and redial the tone. Lame but it works...for now!


Re: Deauthorization
by saosin83 on 2011-05-30 05:50:03.4280

Oh and 1 more thing for you Kaspersky users, even when you turn off all security tabs, there is still a self defense tab somewhere that you need to find and turn off

Re: Deauthorization
by scapegoat22 on 2011-06-01 03:57:07.9500

Im afraid it does not work for me anyway.

Soon im throwing this peace of crap in the garbage.

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