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SPF Files --> I can't download SPF File.
by onpwnage55 on 2011-05-19 09:50:28.9650

SPIDER FX INFUSION v2.0 is a free firmware upgrade for your Spider IV 75, 120, 150 and HD 150. It requires the purchase and registration of either of the USB equipped FBV Shortboard MkII or FBV Express MkII foot-controllers to enable computer connectivity to the amp. This new firmware features:

  • A total of 56 FX Models, bringing the total in your updated amp to 76! (All the FX from Spider FX Infusion 1.52 plus 28 more Stomps, Comps, Mods, Delays, Reverbs and Wahs)
  • Continued compatibility (added with 1.52) with Spider IV Edit

Update Instructions:

All Spider IV 75, 120, 150 and 150HD amplifiers can be updated using an FBV MkII Express or FBV MkII Shortboard, as follows:

  1. Connect your FBV MkII to your Spider IV using a standard FBV cable
  2. Connect your FBV MkII to your computer using a standard USB cable
  3. Launch Line 6 Monkey on your computer
  4. Select your Spider IV as the connected device if it isn't automatically selected
  5. Select the Flash Memory line item and click "Update Selection"

Register your FBV MkII Express or Shortboard if it isn't already registered, then proceed with the update Updating Note: Updating firmware does not erase User Presets. To return the amp to its factory settings, which includes restoring original User Presets and Amp Model Defaults, press the "A" Channel button on power up, then press the "Presets" encoder.

*For online Help docs click HERE.

*For Update FAQs click HERE.

*If you have already registered your hardware, launch Line 6 Monkey to download the v2.0 update.

I Can't open the Spider4_75_2.00.spf file. --> It says when I download, that Windows can't find it --> It's like Winrar --> I need a program to open --> But how ??

Please Help me,


Re: SPF Files --> I can't download SPF File.
by johnnycharm on 2011-05-23 14:03:38.8850

You need to use line6's monkey updater. currently, I am caller #5. the infusion pack is available for download seperate from monkey, but you need the pedal to do the install. Problem: I have dl'd the file seperate from monkey too, am looking to do it manually, but I dont think it exists. Im not sure why its available to the public in spf format without monkey. perhaps now that I have the file, I can go into monkey and update from file instead of downloading it. I will try and let you know what happens. The Problem is that monkey won't recognize that I have already registered my products, it says please register. then it takes me to the registratinon window, which my products are sitting there.

But like I said, there is an option to do it from a file. about to try.

Re: SPF Files --> I can't download SPF File.
by brymoon on 2012-10-26 06:52:34.2440

I just bought a spider valve mkii 112 and I cannot download the fx infusion pack with monkey or any other way as suggested on here.  The program doesn't download on its own and the same issue above happens if I manually try (cannot find file). Has line 6 figured out what the issue is and how do I get this?

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